Pull Your Ex Back Review – Doing It With Some Pull

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The author here is Ryan Hall and his offering is called ‘Pull Your Ex Back‘. With a title like that, this dating course has an obvious niche – it’s a how-to, involving your ex and getting her back. Nifty and simple as that. The principal ebook doesn’t deny the heartache that a guy can suffer when the woman of his life walks about on him. It proposes how to get her back – and for sure.

Pull Your Ex Back title & logo
Pull Your Ex Back title & logo

This training states that being in a successful relationship is a skill, that should be a ‘subject’ taught at school just like science or geography. Unfortunately, dating is not taught, which is why so many guys are clueless at it. The good news, according to Pull Your Ex Back, is that this thing called a relationship is “all learnable” (yeah, that’s his mangled verb, not mine). You can win at that game, if you only know how.

Pull Your Ex Back presents its method in a series of chapters that capture the various ‘phases’ from break up all the way through to eventual long-term success – and even beyond. The trick is for the guy to get back in control, to lose all his fears and to, slowly but surely, get her right back into his life – and on his terms. How convincingly this is argued is what this Pull Your Ex Back review is all about.


This training is simple: it shows how a guy should go about winning back the ex that dumped him. Any guy that has the balls to try that one, after having been the one dumped, deserves a chance at knowing what to do. Pull Your Ex Back accomplishes that, for the most part, by advising every step of the way, keeping it generic and then specific as and when needed.

It tells a guy how to go about getting his girl back, step by step, taking into account the various ‘phases’ that comprise the horror show known as The Breakup.It doesn’t pull any punches either – it warns and advises strongly, and makes it very clear that sometimes, however hard a guy tries, it just doesn’t work out. There’s a refreshing honesty to the method here.

Pull Your Ex Back does what it says on the carton: it provides some pretty useful tips on how to get the ex back. It does so in an engaging, often quite smart manner that will appeal to many guys. The writing may not always be stellar and the PDFs very uneven in their layout and visuals. But this is a fundamentally decent training course that is sound in its intent and what it can achieve.

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The Lowdown…

The promise from Hall is that you will know how to succeed, as long as you give him and his ebook a few days. There’s 93 pages in this course’s principal ebook. Phase by phase, the epic that is being dumped and then winning her back is deconstructed in 17 chapters (and also available in a 17-part audio book). It starts off with the ‘Emotional Roller Coaster Phase’, which has an authentic enough ring to it.

There’s this little nugget quote for starters: “Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf (Jonatan Mårtensson)”. Nothing like pearls of dating wisdom from a guy who sounds like a surfer dude from Stockholm. It actually sets off quite nicely the tone for the rest of the ebook, which is laid back and uncomplicated. Yeah, bro.

The abject fear and inevitable “paralysis by analysis” that occurs when a guy is dumped is convincingly laid bare. “Reality checks” abound in this literature, and the odd “million dollar secret,” including this one that Hall gives: “You will get your ex back the moment you get over the fear of losing them”. Ahem, that point of “losing” her seems a bit moot since she’s dumped you, but we get what he means.

There’s a definite reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs when Hall espouses what he sees as the five essential human needs that also dictate how we approach relationships. His five range from the utilitarian, i.e. “Security or Safety” to the existential, i.e. “Acceptance and Love”. Or is that the maudlin? At least he tries to give his theories some structure, a basis of sorts, which is appreciated.

Chapter 2 explains why relationships end. Some of the reasons why it all goes tits up borders on hyperbole, with this an example: “Today! All I know is I was SOOOO disgustingly WRONG!” There’s a lot of shouting in that statement. But there are some truisms, as in how being controlling or jealous can all but destroy any relationship, even quoting this great one from the writer Havelock Ellis: “Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive.” How very true.

And, yeah, being too needy is not cool in the end, whether it by the guy or the girl. Not cheating is an obvious one too, which is dispatched with a little too quickly to be of any real value here. Chapter 3 kicks out that old chestnut: “The Most Important Rule – “No contact”. How often does that really work for the woman (i.e. the dumper) in being duped into aching again for the guy (i.e. the dumped?). I’m simply not that convinced.

The ‘Instant Shift Technique’ is also provided, which is a list of all the things a guy can do when he is feeling depressed and down about the girl. And this is after the “no contact” rule. However, an interesting twist here is the phase where the guy decides: do I really want her back? It’s a nice touch, given that so many dating courses concentrate on getting her back as if it’s a given. Sometimes it’s not.

Not only does Hall provide a number of questions a guy can ask that will ‘put him in her shoes’ (which is a hell of a stretch, but worth a try, I guess), but even lists how different foods can influence your mood in different ways. How many dating courses for guys offer that angle, hey?! You might think it’s a trite angle, like something out of Oprah, but I like the effort.

There’s even talk of how a guy should have a makeover – change the way he dresses, even his hairstyle. It does sound very femme, I know, but one could ask the question: why is it only girls (women) who should be thinking of makeovers and overcoming their ‘inner demons’ after a break-up, especially after being dumped? Maybe guys can benefit from that thinking too, yeah?

The final steps (phases) in the process are the most tricky. Not having any contact with her for 25 days is the cardinal rule, akin to a papal bull. Mess with that, Hall says, and your plan will fall apart.  Then there’s what to do if she calls you, or, even more tricky, how a guy should go about being the first one to call. Not to mention The Big Date. It’s all done with much candour, which is quite refreshing.

Chapter 13 has a crappy title: Get Your Ex Addicted To You. But, believe it or not, some of the little bulleted pieces of advice are actually worthwhile. These include “try to understand instead of judging,” “just listen at times,” “understand your responsibility,” “give them space,” “don’t try to judge them” and “open lines of communication”. Yip, they’re obvious ones, but they’re valid. And sometimes there is worth in stating the blatantly obvious because they are too often forgotten.

Equally refreshing is Chapter 15 which tells a guy what to do “When Things Don’t Go Your Way”. It’s a sobering chapter of what to do when it just doesn’t go the way the guy wants. Time to move on, there’s other potential out there, it’s not the end of the world, etc. – it’s the dating course equivalent of having a bro’s shoulder to lean on when it really goes bad – again. And that’s cool.

More…And Extras…

After all the borderline touchy-feely vibe of the Pull Your Ex Back ebook, the Mind Control Black Book comes as a bit of a shock – incongruous even. Even the cover looks very menacing and Mr Hyde:

Mind Control Black eBook cover
Mind Control Black eBook cover

That is one scary-looking Halloween pumpkin on the cover! One is told to only read this book once the principal one has been completed. Its byline reads: “Ultimate Psychological Tricks and Techniques to get Your Ex Back”. It warns that even with these tips things could still go awry and that the guy might even lose out. It’s fair warning, I guess.

It’s interesting that the tips on offer in this little black book are not as heavy or ominous as the book’s artwork might suggest. It’s hardly devious, even when it tries to be. Much of it is sensible, if a little obvious and pat. An aside is that the layout and artwork of this PDF is much more professional and visually appealing. If only the principal ebook had been given the same ‘makeover’.

There’s also the 14-page “21 Most Important Keys to Getting Your Ex Back,’ also by Ryan Hall, and which must rank as one of the most tortured titles of all time. Who the hell wants 21 keys for getting anything?! It’s quite broad in the tips it offers, but it’s smart in not over-labouring any point. Each one is short and lightly handled.

Some of the points are a bit head-scratching (like “The hungry don’t get fed,” which is nihilistic to say the least) or New Age Obvious (like “Either you control the situation or it controls you’), to be honest. But it’s the type of ‘list of’ that will appeal to some guys, I guess.

The landing page ends with the declaration: “Wait I am not done yet…”, which instantly made me think: ‘Uh oh, here comes the ultra-expensive clickbait ‘special once-in-a-lifetime offer’ crap’. But it’s not. What is promised are another “12 ebooks worth $197″ for free which will be sent every 14 days. A guy might wonder what will creep into his inbox with that promise, but for now it seems to be ‘for free’. I think…

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And how does it look and feel?

The title and logo may have a somewhat ‘girly’ and Valentine whimsy look to it, but it’s eye-catching. It could even be considered appropriate (possibly ironic?) given the subject matter. Site navigation is easy enough, although all principally on a blog-like landing page, which has no discernible brand recognition on it and is of very limited visual appeal. It’s hardly a scintillating way to land on a site:

Pull your Ex Back landing page...ahem...
Pull your Ex Back landing page…ahem…

The principal ebook also looks like crap. The feel is positively amateurish. The fact that the other 2 ebooks on offer are far better in terms of layout and artwork, including the fonts used and the size thereof, is even more jarring when compared to the principal ebook. It’s as if the ebooks came from different designers and even authors. This training comes across as decidedly lazy in that respect.

What’s To Like About Pull Your Ex Back?

  • The method here is simple and, for the most part, sticks to its premise: how to get the ex back. It doesn’t divert too much from that script, and it provides a guy with at least some support on how to get back the one who got away. Where other training too often veers off course (if you pardon the pun), Pull Your Ex Back keeps on course and on track. That is a plus.
  • There is some good advice to be gleaned from Pull Your Ex Back. Some of it is very obvious stuff, but none of it is offensive or downright stupid. It is refreshing in offering some smart (even unusual) insights into getting her back, whilst also being realistic about what might not work or, worse still, when things don’t work out. It’s mostly adult and lacking in brash fratboy bravado – thank goodness.
  • There’s a smart writer in Ryan Hall. His writing has the hyperbolic about it, and it can get too simplistic, even slightly juvenile at times. But here and there are smart quotes and insight that is telling. There’s a lack of pretense too, which is nothing short of a relief compared to some of the chest-beating that one has to endure in some of the training on dating that one comes across.

What’s Not To Like About Pull Your Ex Back?

  • There’s a tendency for the writing to be somewhat amateurish-looking. For example, there is an overuse of words in CAPITALS, like this one: “You see love is all about ACCEPTANCE.” Not only is the sentence itself a bit bile-inducing for some, but the capitals come across as needless shouting, which, in turn, makes the writing look amateur. Sentence construction in the principal ebook is generally unpolished too, although given the simple and direct thesis here, it’s not hugely distracting or a big letdown.
  • It doesn’t look that great. I hate to diminish a work simply on aesthetics, but this is the 21st century and content has never had to be as visual and aesthetically  pleasing as today. It’s what many of us expect, and on that front the landing page and the principal Pull Your Ex Back ebook score dismally. This is especially jarring when one sees that the other ebooks are far more competently designed and presented.


The effect of Pull Your Ex Back is folksy and laid-back without (usually) being too hokey or simplistic. Some of the tidbits provided may be overly simplified, and some of the content is written and presented in a way that is undeniably amateurish, which is a pity. But there is sincerity in what is on offer, because the tone is never patronizing, and it’s never too unrealistic.

There are some misfires along the way. The Mind Control Black Book is one such misfire – or at least its ominous-sounding but tacky title is. The over-use of CAPITALS and fractured writing in the principal ebook is also a misfire, as are some of the chapter headings therein. These were all unnecessary, but hardly destructive to  this training course’s achievements.

Ultimately, Pull Your Ex Back works because it mostly sticks to the point and because it treats guys (and women) as adults in adult situations. It offers insights that are sharp and of value. The context remains constant because it keeps focused on the guy who wants his ex back. Simple as that. For that alone, Pull Your Ex Back is superior to much of the crappy, cynical dating courses out there. It is recommended.

Rating: B

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