Revolutionary Sex Review – Good, Not Revolutionary

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In the Foreward to his training course, Revolutionary Sex, Alex Allman makes very little of the “mechanics” of lovemaking and how to please a woman. Allman is downright dismissive about that approach by any guy. Instead, he reckons that women are far more turned on by “passion, intimacy, and a man that can listen to their body…”. At the core of this training is confidence. Or how a guy needs more confidence in order to be his sexual best.

But is it really that revolutionary…?

Allman broaches topics such as performance anxiety and lasting longer (the male side) and making her come and cunnilingus (clearly the female side). Whilst being specific in topic choices, the approach is one of broader strokes rather than the minutiae thereof. Intimacy also plays a central role, as do other approaches such as role-playing and fantasies. Ultimately, what Revolutionary Sex attempts to do is make sex as cerebral and structured as possible, even when dissecting the physical side of sex.


Any training course that calls itself ‘revolutionary’ needs to be very careful – because it needs to be exactly that: revolutionary. And when it dares to call itself ‘Revolutionary Sex’…well, then, doubly so! So it is that Alex Allman provides training that he believes will revolutionize how ordinary guys are able to perform sexually. Does he perform this momentous task? I hate to sit on the fence, but the answer to that is a rather detached ‘yes’ AND ‘no.

It gets a yes for having some very decent content that is presented with a level of detail that respects the guy reading it. It gets a yes because it is fairly engaging and interesting as far as dating training goes. However, it gets a no for being quite typical in what it suggests and, therefore, being anything but revolutionary. And it gets a big no for looking too tacky for its own good. That is why Revolutionary Sex can only be given a half-hearted recommendation.

Revolutionary Sex

Our Rating: C
Creator: Alex Allman
Recommended: Only partially

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The Lowdown…

I don’t know about you but I get into an instant cold sweat when I am confronted by a training manual in PDF format that is 133 pages long. You may accuse me of having the attention span of a cocker spaniel or being too fickle in my training needs, but I always find a lengthy PDF one thing: a daunting prospect. So it is that I commenced the 133-page PDF manual that is at the heart of the Revolutionary Sex training course by Alex Allman…

His Foreward is subtitled ‘About Me’ but it offers no insight into who he is or what he’s all about. Oh well…It’s nice that he writes “from one student to another,” which is an effective and winning way of reminding his students that all men have been there – clueless on how to please a woman, not knowing what to do next, and all the rest. This is the general approach by him throughout the manual. At least that.

Allman starts off by concentrating on you, the guy. Performance anxiety gets a decent look-through, as does that bugbear of so many guys – lasting longer. Some very useful exercises are provided. Also of interest is the focus on size. Yip, we’ve all heard it before – the size of a guy’s little guy doesn’t matter at all. Allman believes that too, even if his efforts to show how a lack of size can be overcome (bad, bad pun, I know) are not overly convincing.

He then shifts to her. And this is where it really gets interesting – or really yucky, depending on how into female genitalia you really are. For those guys very interested in knowing the intricacies of a vagina, Allma lays it on in quite graphic detail. The clitoris and ‘u-spot’ (and there we were like fucking schmucks thinking it was called the ‘g spot’!) are detailed. This then dovetails (again, bad pun, I know) into how to perform cunnilingus like a pro.

Alex can get a bit pretentious at times, making bold statements that really don’t mean much. I call this the ‘PDF Curse’ i.e. having to fill up pages of a manual with content and writing tracts of bloated bumpf at times. For example, he ponders, “What makes a beautiful penis? I’m sure I have no idea [I bet you don’t, Alex]. And I don’t think women have any idea either [care to bet on that one, Alex?]”. He even has his own ‘Laws,’ like this one:

Yeah, it’s hardly that profound…

Allman goes into more daring (even interesting, dare one say) territory when he touches on issues such as intimacy, foreplay and, that most toe-curling of issues in any guy’s sexual life with the other half, emotion and understanding. These may be the type of topics that will put certain alpha males off – not every guy will want to read up on these, that is true. But Allman’s commitment to these topics, tricky for so men, is not only commendable – it’s quite brave too .

Even if the touchy-feely stuff is not up your alley, then at least knowing what to do once up her alley should be of interest for any guy. And here Allman provides a series of sexual positions in trumps. ‘The Plank,’ ‘The G Star,’ the ‘Doggy G’ – they’re all here. And they come with nifty diagrams in blocks of colour that look like something out of a 1960s manual for psychedelic sex, man! Take this one as an example:

Funny, I thought that was called missionary style…?

A significant chunk of the manual goes into huge detail on how you can get deep into her (in more ways than one) so that she has orgasms that make her vibrator look like a cheap plaything in comparison. Role-playing and fantasies also get a decent amount of attention, with Allman even suggesting a bit of BDSM could come in handy to spice things up. It concludes with a Glossary with terms ranging from ‘H-Spot’ to ‘Listening With Your Body’ and a few others.


Revolutionary Sex offers two main extras. The first is How To Initiate Sex Without Ever Being Rejected – there is not a man alive who wouldn’t give his front teeth so that he could master that! It’s odd that it feels very wordy, given that this PDF is only 22 pages long. It’s too chatty for its own good, although it does make some interesting points regarding the so-called ‘Three Agreements’ needed to initiate sex (namely the physical, the mental and the emotional).

I got very excited the prospect of the second free extra, namely an MP4 titled How To Get Her To Act Out Your Fantasies. Being a video, I got excited by thinking there may be some…you know, interesting ‘visuals’ to make certain points…Unfortunately, it’s just 46 minutes of Allman himself talking to the camera and giving tips on how to accomplish this. I won’t lie – I didn’t watch it all since I was hardly motivated to watch a carbon copy of Anderson Cooper telling me how to nail her mentally, albeit with less grey hair and even thinner lips…

I told you he looked like Anderson Cooper’s doppelganger…

And how does it look and feel?

Firstly, I was immediately irked by the fact that there are not one but four upsells on the very landing page for members. These were for other training courses ranging in price from $97 to $247. Not only did this clickbait annoy me even before I started the course, but they also make the landing page look tacky. Will these dating guru guys never learn that this type of clickbait is just tacky and pisses off many guys?

As for the look and feel of the training, it was basically three PDFs and a godawful MP4 video. The main training manual at least had some semi-decent diagrams to make the content a bit more visually appealing. The other two PDFs were as dull as most PDFs tend to be, whilst the less said about the MP4 with Anderson Coo…I mean Alex Allman, the better.

What’s To Like About the Revolutionary Sex course?

  • Alex Allman at least tries to offer some decent material in the main manual for his Revolutionary Sex course. The content is well-considered and, for the most part, not too dull or academic. Allman seems to care about his students and at least he treats them as equals. This is a nice relief when compared to many other dating works in which the dating ‘gurus’ are patronizing meatheads, usually of the collegiate ‘bro’ variety. Allman looks like a grown man and he mostly writes like one too.
  • The level of detail in the main training manual for Revolutionary Sex is to be commended. Sure, not every guy will want to know (or see) exactly how to finger her so that she gets that perfect ‘digital’ orgasm, but at least Allman tells it exactly as it for those guys who do want to know. This further shows that Allman presumes his charges want to know how to treat women as (more or less) sexual and amorous equals, which immediately takes him out of the Neanderthal Pantheon which some dating gurus seem to thrive in.

What’s Not To Like About the Revolutionary Sex course?

  • Sorry, Alex baby, but this is hardly revolutionary stuff. Improve your own self-esteem to be a better lover? Make sense? Sure. Revolutionary? Hardly. Know how to stimulate her clitoris to get her to be more sexually charged and into you? Sound good? Absolutely! Revolutionary? Absolutely not! Play dress-up and let your imagination roll in order to spice up your sex life? Should be fun? Oh, yeah. Revolutionary? Only if you think 50 Shades of Grey was the height of S&M! So, yeah, that’s what happens when you have a title as loud and as full of bold promise as ‘Revolutionary Sex’ – even if what you offer is good and sound, if it ain’t R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y it’s going to lose its impact. It may be a tad unfair but that is the bottom line. That’s Simple Marketing 101, Alex.
  • The overall look of the training was sub-par – a mix of bland and tacky, dull and a bit confused. For material this pondered and on such technical, albeit very sexual issues, the tacky overtures in the cover design choices and overall site design are a letdown. Revolutionary Sex seems to suffer from the same schizophrenia that afflicts so many of these types of dating courses aimed at guys – all serious and sober in the message it’s trying to get out there and yet presenting itself as if all guys are a bunch of horny teenagers who get instantly turned on by nothing more than a pair of big tits on an airbrushed porno chick. It’s so fucking tired – it’s a pity Allman allowed his material to be sullied like that.


There are good things on offer by Alex Allman in his Revolutionary Sex training course. The content treats its students like adult men – and adult men who actually want to have meaningful, adult (and fun) sexual relations with a woman. Tips are plentiful, detailed and even graphic – as they should be. The extras on offer may be sub-par and there may be far too many expensive upsells, but these cannot destroy what is fundamentally a decent course.

So, in closing, it is only fair that we demand to know: was Revolutionary Sex, in fact, revolutionary? It sounds peevish to ‘shoot down’ a course that actually offers quite a lot, but the answer is a resounding no. What it offers may be be very interesting to quite a number of guys, and for that alone one cannot entirely dismiss this course. However, with its title Revolutionary Sex aimed so high and, as such, must fall a bit flat by having played it so safe and pedestrian in the end.


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