Royal Decanters Whiskey Decanter Gift Set Review

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We always see men in tailored suits reaching out and pouring a shot of whiskey out of his elegantly masculine decanter. This makes us wonder: Is a decanter necessary?

Whiskey decanters, as we all know, are used to hold your favorite whiskey and store them in a fashionable way. Honestly speaking, whiskey decanters are just for aesthetics. Nonetheless, they are a real hit and make the owner look and feel like a character in The Godfather.

One popular choice when it comes to whiskey decanters is the Royal Decanters Whiskey Decanter Gift Set. Let us take a look at what this decanter set has to offer.


Royal Decanters Whiskey Decanter Gift Set Features

Artisan Crafted

This handmade whiskey decanter set consists of a hand-blown globe-shaped, an etched decanter, four shot glasses, and an elegant wooden holder. The wooden holder is carved beautifully and holds the decanter at a perfect angle. It adds an eclectic, elegant appeal to your home or bar. The wooden box bears the Royal Decanters logo and is sturdy enough to hold the set when not in use.

Unique Design

The decanter comes with a blown ship accent and etched globe design. The glasses are also etched with the world map.

As the decanter gets empty, the ship shows up and creates a dramatic effect. These details are carefully executed and make you want to display the set in your home or bar.

Wooden Base

Apart from the wooden decanter holder, the set is incorporated with a wooden base that also serves as a coaster for the glasses. The base is made with a heavy material that is finished with lacquer that gives an elegant vibe.

Personal Bar Set

This decanter and shot glasses set is great when having a drink and bonding with family and friends or just simply unwinding and having a good time with yourself. Securely placed in the wooden case, the decanter and glass set is also convenient when you’re traveling for pleasure or business.

Keeps Alcohol Fresh

Some decanters are not properly sealed, but not this one. This set’s decanter comes with a fitted, leak-proof glass stopper that makes it an ideal storage container for any alcoholic drink.

Having an airtight seal is crucial to any decanter as wines and liquors generally oxidize when in contact with oxygen. Once the alcohol is transferred into the decanter, it is out of its original environment, hastening the process. This is not a problem with this decanter as it provides an airtight seal and keeps your favorite drink aromatic and flavorful longer.

Large Capacity

A standard whiskey bottle is 750 ml. If you are planning to transfer the entire content of a bottle to the decanter, you will need one that is bigger than the standard one.

With the Royal Decanters’ 850 ml capacity, it is big enough to hold the entire content of a standard bottle of wine, rum, scotch, and other spirits and liquors.

Sturdy and Durable

The whiskey decanter and shot glasses are quite heavy, which means they are sturdy, firm, and most importantly, stable. Unstable decanters and glasses are a big no for any whiskey-lover as this may cause spills and other accidents. Moreover, the decanter lip has a nice design that allows a smooth pour.

FDA Approved

Not all decanters and glasses are certified by the FDA, but this high-quality decanter and glass set is tested for food-grade safety. It passed the Leachable Lead and Cadmium for Ceramic Ware Test, Chloroform Soluble Extractive Test, Total Lead Content in Surface Coating Test and Toxic Elements Test.

While most decanters are lead-free, it is good to know that The Royal Decanters is certified lead-free. We all know what harm lead can do to our bodies.

Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer offers a satisfaction and money-back warranty that allows you to get a full refund in case you don’t love the set in any way. The manufacturer has excellent customer service, too. They’ll welcome any calls that concern the product.

What We Like About It

We like that it is handcrafted and has a high-quality, etched design, making it look more elegant and expensive. It is a complete bar set with a large 850 ml capacity that is huge enough to keep your favorite whiskey fresh. In addition to being neatly packaged in a handsome box, this product is safety and quality tested with FDA approval as well.

Minor Drawbacks

While the isolation stopper fits perfectly, it may come loose, or you may receive a defective one. If this is the case, you may contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Mind you, they’re really fast at it.

Want to Try Something Else?

The Royal Decanters Whiskey Decanter Gift Set won’t be a perfect fit for everyone. But if you want another option, The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set can be a good alternative.

Nevertheless, the two are not created equal. Here’s a summary of comparison for the two decanter sets.

First, the Royal Decanters Set has a bigger capacity compared to the one by The Wine Savant. The former can hold 850 ml or the entire content of a standard sized bottle, while the latter, on the other hand, holds less with only 750 ml capacity.  

Design-wise, while both can be a great and functional home bar decor, the Royal Decanters Whiskey Decanter Gift Set has a more appealing look compared to the diamond-shaped Wine Savant set. They both have four shot glasses, but the latter has a diamond shape that is not very practical and easy to hold. And finally, the glass material of The Wine Savant is comparatively thinner than the shot glasses provided in the Royal Decanters set.

Our Final Say

Overall, the Royal Decanters Whiskey Decanter Gift Set is a great gift to give and receive. With its artisan features, curved holder, elegant base, and hand-blown decanter and glasses, this bar set is a nice addition to any home.

To add, with its generous capacity, this is probably one of the best choices available. The decanter and glasses also have an excellent and ergonomic shape that is perfect to hold. The glasses and decanter have etched designs that make them unique, combine it with the quality of materials used and you have a winner. The excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee are just icing on the cake.

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