Subtle Ways To Attract Men


Dating has is not easy even with all this technology dedicated to it, which frankly has made everything more difficult. The dating world and sites are full of weird ways to attract men that are not for everyone, which makes it really hard to find guys that you would actually consider dating.

The dating scene, even when using conventional means, has been bombarded with rules and rituals that are tedious. Women must therefore step up take control and make sure they attract the “right guy“. The following are ways to make a guy notice you and stay interested.

Confidence is key

Makes sure you are the best version of yourself that you can be. Self-love is the way to build up you self-confidence, if you cannot love yourself, then who will? Men are attracted to confident women as they portray elegance and grace.

Know yourself better

Men like a woman who has her own identity, values and aspirations that she lives by, even though they might not agree with them they will respect you for standing by them. This provides conversation starters and helps a guy to fall in love your personality too.

Look your best

You never know who might be right around the corner when you leave the house. Make sure you look good by wearing clothes that flatter your figure, fix your hair and wear a little make up to spice up your look. This always leaves you feeling confident thus attracting men.

Make eye contact

When you spot a guy you like across a room make eye contact and hold his gaze for a little while make sure you do not stare that makes you look creepy. This will show him that you are interested and give him the go ahead to cross the room and talk to you.

Be approachable

Do not seem too eager but make it clear that you would be happy to have a conversation with him. Once he crosses the room for you, make sure that you smile to state that you are glad he came.

Put out positive body language

Maintain eye contact while you are talking which shows that you are interested in what he is saying rather than constantly checking your phone. Make sure your body language shows that you are interested in what he has to say by leaning in to listen better and make sure that you are not crossing your arms.

Stay away from crowds

Men find it nerve racking to approach women when they are in crowds. It makes you more approachable when you are alone or with a pal. When you go out to meet men make sure you either separate from your pals periodically or just take one friend.

Make the first move

Women are empowered in this generation so you can approach a guy if he too shy to approach you or you see a guy you like and would like to start a conversation. You just need to say something simple like this “party is boring” and the conversation will take its course.

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