Text Your Ex Back Review – Texting With Confidence

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These are the opening words to Text Your Ex Back: “OK, deep breath. If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably hurting right now. Heck, you probably feel like your heart got ripped out and stomped on, and that the pain you’re feeling will never go away.” Feeling hurt, ripped apart and anguished after a breakup? Then this is the training course that is said to be aimed at you.

Text Your Ex Back allows a person to try and win back their beloved ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife by means of tools in that language that epitomizes the second decade of the 21st century – texting. It should be noted that the emphasis here is unisex – as applicable to guys hankering for their exes as to women hankering for theirs.

Text Your Ex Back logo
Text Your Ex Back logo

There is a very specific mandate provided by Text Your Ex Back, with a name that declares its intent loud and clear. But does it achieve that? Does it at least give the devastated and jilted (the ‘dumped’ here) a fighting chance of getting back with the ‘jilter’ (the ‘dumper’) that caused all the suffering? Can a person try to achieve that primarily by means of texting? Do they stand a chance of getting their beloved ex back? This review of Text Your Ex Back will decide whether it hits those marks  – or not.


It’s obvious that not all break-ups are tidy and amicable. It’s equally obvious that not all break-ups leave exes only too glad to be rid of their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife. Life just isn’t that tidy. An ex can leave a person feeling wretched, incomplete and miserable as all hell. Unfinished business is just the beginning of it. That’s what Text Your Ex Back attempts to resolve by means of texting.

The good news is that Text Your Ex Back does exactly what the title states – it informs a guy or woman on how to get their ex back by means of that most contemporary means of communication – the text. It does so in a structured manner from just after the break-up, through to the tentative first few steps to reconnect with an ex, all the way through to when it all works out and the texting is with a renewed love.

The even better news is that this training is done in an intelligent manner that understands what exes go through and that deconstructs the various stages of what it is to rekindle an ex flame. This is content that is on point and that makes sense, as it is released bit by bit over many days. This is a journey, which is exactly what excellent training is all about. The verdict is clear: highly recommended.

The Lowdown…

An interesting aside regarding how a member can view modules on Text Your Ex Back: Modules are released in order and by means of staggered release dates according to when a member first logs on. So, a member might have access to, say, Modules 1 and 2 when they first log in, but subsequent modules are only released 2 or 4 or 8, etc. days later. It’s a nice touch – it forces the member to treat the training as a learning experience and it treats the learning like an unfolding journey.

By way of introduction, there is a 36-minute MP3 track that is a dialogue between Michael Fiore, the course’s creator and presenter, and Laura, a friend of his and confidante. Their chitchat about what to expect in the world of dating is actually quite interesting. After that, one is expected to write an introduction about oneself – a clever way of engendering ‘community’ with the site’s members:

Text Your Ex Back intros by Michael and you...
Text Your Ex Back intros by Michael and you…

There are 11 modules that comprise Text Your Ex Back. Creator and guru Michael Fiore is an odd-looking chap with his shaved head and sharp, weasel-like face (below in a screen shot). The big schnoz adds to a look that is a caricaturist’s dream (hey, Michael, no offense meant – I too have a big Italian schnoz planted in the middle of my thin face!).

Michael 'The Schnoz' Fiore - actually, a really nice guy
Michael ‘The Schnoz’ Fiore – actually, a really nice guy

The guy may look like the offspring of Uncle Fester but he’s actually got a very agreeable demeanour and a voice that is eloquent and sounds sincere. In Module 1 (not surprisingly called ‘Introduction’) he congratulates a person for taking the big step of doing this course. It sets the tone for the rest of the course with what I refer to as the course’s 3 ‘As’ – affable, accessible and adult.

He iterates that the big mistake couples who want to get back together make is to try and have the old relationship again. The video welcome is accompanied by a 9-page introduction PDF that sets out what the course should be about. It warns that, “This course isn’t for you if the only reason you want your ex
back is for your own vanity and ego”. Fair enough.

The Introduction also imposes the ’30 Day No-Contact Rule’. Why 30 days? “Because you’re a crazy person right now. You need to stop chasing your ex (even in your imagination) and spend time working on YOU to project the sexy confidence you need to get your ex back.” You’ve been warned.

Interesting is how his references of gender and relationship type are entirely neutral, by which one can deduce that Text Your Ex Back is not only geared at guys, or even straights for that matter. That instantly puts it in a different category to the vast majority of dating courses, which are stridently cocked at guys, and usually guys of a certain younger, brash persuasion. This course is not so cocked – or cocky.

Module 2 (‘The Dumper and the Dumped’) forces a person doing this course (usually the dumped, one can safely assume?) to think about where the relationship went wrong. Everything a lack of communication to being dumped for someone else are reasons that need to be explored. Michael suggests this kindly but it’s clear: you need to do the homework.

And the guy sets homework too! These come in the form of worksheets and they’re pretty damn uncompromising. For example, in Worksheet 1 (‘You Got Dumped’), question 2 asks this: “What’s the REAL reason you think the relationship ended? (Be honest here. What was at the real core of the end of the relationship? Ask yourself the question, dig deep, and the answer will come.)”

Module 3 (‘The Big Goal’) asks a simple question: what is it that you really want to achieve with your ex? That is, what is ‘the big goal’ that you seek? It’s actually all-important for any person wanting to get their ex back, and a tough question all too often ignored or glossed over in other training courses. Equally refreshing is that the material is in just 7 PDF pages. No long, drawn out exposition here.

A very interesting concept that Fiore brings up in ‘Flight Check’ (Module 4) is that too often the one person make the critical error of reconnecting with their ex and reminiscing about the past – this is wrong, he asserts. Instead, that person should always focus on the future. It’s a valid point and one that gets any person thinking about the mistakes made when trying to regain footing with a lost ex.

‘Text Judo’ is known as the ‘cornerstone’ of the Text Your Ex Back system and is defined thus: ““Text Judo” is the art of using your ex’s existing emotions–positive or negative–to get the positive result you want.” It’s the logic of judo, i.e. use the energy of the opponent (here, the ex) instead of using one’s own emotional energy, be it negative or positive. And it’s explained in a nifty, entertaining way.

‘Across the Bow’ outlines the next level of texts that a person needs to send his ex. It’s all about ‘G.E.A.R,’ which Fiore tells us stands for “GENTLY ESTABLISH AFFIRMATIVE RAPPORT” (yip, it’s all in caps – that’s how important it is, guys). Again, without sounding too gushing about what’s on offer, the concept is deconstructed in an intelligent, well-explained manner that doesn’t patronize or over-simplify the reader.

Just to be clear, Fiore stresses that these texts are, “NOT NOT NOT” about the following: “NOT to get together for a drink or to “talk things out;” “NOT a booty call” (ahhh, shucks, some guys will no doubt feel) and “NOT to fix your relationship with one “magic” message”. Fiore makes it clear: “Man, if I could do that I’d be charging a million dollars a pop…Nothing worth doing is easy”. Fair dinkum.

An interesting topic is covered in Module 8 with a title that says it all: ‘The Green-Eyed Monster’. Jealousy is the focus, with Fiore reassuring guys that this very natural, instinctive emotion can be put to good use. There’s a bit of that good ol’ reversal psychology at play here, i.e. getting the ex to be jealous of you instead. It’s a common ploy in dating courses, but the approach here is more softly-softly than most.

‘Intimacy Booster Texts’ are those that use the power of memory recall to bring up strong, positive, almost irresistible emotions in your ex. Now is the time to start reminding the ex about the good times once had, the strong feelings there once were, and the like. This serves to further strengthen the re-established bonds you now have with the ex – and draw them closer toward you, of course.

Module 10’s ‘Attraction Texts’ brings sex and sexuality to the fore of a budding (re)romance. Fiore makes the valid point that, whether any person likes it or not, “the fact of the matter is that sex is a huge part of most successful relationships. Heck, sex might even be why you and your ex broke up in the first place (lack of sex, bad sex, weird sexual compatibility, cheating …you get the idea)”. It’s true – we all know that.

Interestingly, it is here that Fiore makes a clear distinction between how a guy can get their ex back with these types of more intimate, sexually charged texts, and, on the other side, how a woman can use them to get her ex boyfriend or husband back. The training until now has been fairly ‘unisex,’ so this distinction between the sexes is quite intriguing.

It then culminates in those texts that make so many guys (and even women, no doubt) cringe and feel reeaaaalllly awkward – the ’emotional honesty’ text. Fiore divides these into four types: 1. Compliment texts, 2. Appreciation texts, 3. “How I Feel” texts and 4. “What I Miss” texts. These are the icky ones most of us dread – because they can go so spectacularly wrong, of course.

The final module (11) should be easier to take in and easier to put into practice, especially after the toe-curling honesty of Module 10. Now it’s about how best to realize ‘Texting Steady’. It is presumed that the battle to win him or her back has been won and now that positive (e)motion needs to be nurtured and not screwed up with any throwaway texts and other insensitivities. It’s been a quite ride, folks.

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There are four bonus features here. The first available is ‘Instant Forgiveness’ in which Fiore calls and interviews Dr Fred Luskin of Stanford University, who is nothing less than one of the world’s leading specialists on forgiveness, how to forgive and what positive things being in a state of forgiveness can do for your life and wellbeing. It’s fascinating – and a simple search of Dr Luskin throws up a multitude of videos with the good doc on Youtube.

The other three freebies all have self-explanatory titles: ‘100 Ready-To-Use Texts,’ ‘Infidelity Buster’ and ‘Facebook Romance Secrets’. There’s also a series of 10 FAQs regarding texting an ex as a bonus feature to click on. And the really good news? I could find no clickbait links resulting in expensive ‘must-have’ products and further training – talk about relief…and refreshing. Thank you, Michael.

And how does it look and feel?

The layout of Text Your Ex Back admittedly makes it look like a typical blog site. The background is mostly white with predominantly blocked grey and black accents and panels. It’s hardly very eye-catching. However, it is an easy enough site to navigate around and no links ever go into dead space or, worse still, clickbait hell.

There’s an unpretentiousness about the Text Your Ex Back site. Icons in black, orange and grey are effective (some of which can be seen below), even if PDF versions of the content are dull as ditchwater and with fonts that are too big and amateurish-looking for their own good. Videos of Michael Fiore are hardly scintillating, with mostly him as a talking head prattling away. At least he’s an engaging guy.

Icons for Text Your Ex Back modules - quite nifty
Icons for Text Your Ex Back modules – quite nifty

What’s To Like About Text Your Ex Back?

  • This course is about how to text your ex back as effectively and meaningfully as possible. Yes, it’s that simple. And thank goodness for that. This is a training course that stays on point and does exactly what its title suggests, with no wayward meandering and content that adds little or nothing to the central thesis. Hurrah! That is not at all the case with so many training courses that veer all over the place like drunken drivers at 3am on a Saturday. There is structure to this content. It goes from Point A to Point B all the way to Point Z. Again, this is not always how it is with dating courses, folks. Every module is on a key aspect of that scary little thing called texting, and breaks down the key aspects of that type of texting in a way that is instantly accessible and makes sense. Anecdotal evidence and stories bring content alive, rather than seeming like annoying filler. And, don’t forget, there’s homework too in the form of quite in-depth assignments.
  • There’s an underlying honesty to Text Your Ex Back. Take these words from Michael: “Am I GUARANTEEING that you’ll be able to get your ex back using this guide? Nope. It’s totally possible that after reading through this material and starting to put it into action you’ll decide you don’t WANT to be with your ex anymore, and that the sneaky tricks and relationship hacks I teach you here will be better used with someone else in the future.” I don’t know about you, but I find that type of blunt candour to be very refreshing in a world of dating courses that promise you everything – and more.
  • Michael Fiore reminds me of an Italian ferret. And I’m not being nasty at all! Hey man, I like ferrets (even if they jump into baths and freak out ‘The Dude’ Lebowski, but I digress…) but, more importantly, I really got to like this Fiore character. He is the kind of guy that is likeable, agreeable and, best of all, seems to talk sense. You know, the type of guy that makes a good mentor and, yeah, even ‘guru’. Too often dating gurus come across as either annoying, smug or full of macho posturing shit (or, worse still, all three!). Fiore is none of those things. He doesn’t boast unnecessarily and he doesn’t strut around like a know-it-all you just want to smack. One of the most important things of any training is that the trainer come across sincere whilst inspiring confidence and engagement. Fiore pulls off all of that with ease.
  • It is truly impressive just how many member forums and feedback are found throughout the site, with lengthy and very personal stories and messages by members. Comments by members for every module number in the thousands and make for fascinating reading. The sheer volume of member experience and inputs is astounding – and there’s no way that these comments and various feedback are all ‘made up’ or somehow bogus. It just doesn’t ring anything but true. All of these inputs by members give the entire Text Your Ex Back tremendous credibility and gravitas. To say I was impressed by that is to put it mildly.

What’s Not To Like About Text Your Ex Back?

  • Not much to hate or even dislike here – that’s the good news. It certainly could have done with a more polished and slick presentation and look to it. The website is uninspired, as are the various PDFs for the 11 modules on offer. Styling and the overall aesthetic is dull and doesn’t match the content and spirit of Text Your Ex Back, which is smart and interesting. The video clips with Fiore are quite ‘samey’ and, again, not particularly polished. Nor do the videos have movement or a sense of verve, which the content deserved. Even the visualization of texts is lacking and uninteresting. That’s a missed opportunity, as texts are of course central to all the training.
  • There is a commendable amount of quality content throughout Text Your Ex Back, and the complete lack of expensive and exploitative clickbait links is highly appreciated. However, the site could have done with some more resources provided or links to other resources, etc. That may have created an even more enriching experience for a member. Having said that, it’s a minor quibble.


Like any review process, be it the review of movies or music or dating courses, more often than not the product being reviewed ranges from downright rubbish to middling or just decent at best. That is why it is such a pleasure when one comes across a product that is intelligent, well thought out and that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do. Text Your Ex Back is that type of dating course.

Courses that meander and that don’t seem to have a focus or purpose can drive one nuts.. Those courses come across as either bad or lazy – or even deceitful. The clarity of vision and honesty that results in a journey of learning that draws you in and keeps you interested is the real success of Text Your Ex Back. It’s a course that treats everyone like an adult going through the hell that is pining for an ex.

The fact that so many members have taken the time to write comments and feedback on the site speaks to its credibility and appeal. Text Your Ex Back gets this rave review because it never veers off course, much like another top-rated course we have reviewed on Date And Simple. Texting may not guarantee you get the ex back, but Text Your Ex Back gives you a fighting chance. Simply put – it’s a winner.

Grade: A

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