The Attractive Man Review – Hellish Upsell Central!

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The Attractive Man - is it even a course??

The Attractive Man is unique among all dating course sites that have been reviewed to date in that all its supposed offerings are, in fact, products requiring further purchase, i.e. upselling. Some of the seven products on offer are very expensive, others quite inexpensive. But every one of them requires a purchase, even for members. Ironically, the three bonus videos are all free to watch in their entirety.

It will be difficult to properly review the products per se given that what is available on offer to members are ‘taster’ videos and content (mostly of the bold, shouting type) that is supposed to lure one to buy said products. The content, language and layout of each product’s ‘offering’ is usually the very definition of ‘clickbait’. For the purpose of the integrity of this review, no clickbait purchases were entered into.

This review of The Attractive Man will be an overview of each of the products’ visible sales pitches, their cost and any other points considered relevant. Every attempt will be made to provide a thorough overview of an experience which is unique in online dating training courses, given that there is no central manual, module or course. The collection of clickbait products known as The Attractive Man will be reviewed as such.

The Attractive Man Review


Mr. Artisan

Our Rating:



  • NO


Wow! They just don’t get more aggressively commercial than what is on offer in the so-called ‘Attractive Man’ suite. This reviewer has looked through some bad training, some good training and even some great training. This reviewer has seen upselling, both hard and soft, and even sites that don’t deluge one with upsells. And then there’s this site – the biggest upsell whore of them all!

There are no less than seven ‘products’ on offer here. And they’re products alright.

Not modules, not chapters, not any of those other boring, ‘typical’ segments that have comprised every other training course that has been reviewed on DateandSimple thus far. Oh, no – not so for The Attractive Man. Here, it’s all about sales, guys. Sales of the hard, hard, hard type.

The great irony is that only the ‘Bonus Content’ actually comes free! Getting through this ‘training course’ was like wading through a giant tank of swill.

When the stench of upsell is so blatant and so in your face, then the lasting effect is that of training that is incomplete, wholly commercial and of limited value for any guy wanting to know more about dating and getting ahead with the opposite sex. On principle alone, The Attractive Man simply cannot be recommended.

It’s a shameful fail.

What's to like:

  • Not much really.

What's not to like:

  • Insulting amount of upsells and clickbait
  • Pseudo training with no defined identity.

The Lowdown…

To base an entire review on what are basically short ‘tasters’ meant to entice members to spend heaps of money on the ‘products’ on offer is very difficult to do. But that is what one experiences as a ‘member’ of a training site offering this hodgepodge of clickbait. Therefore, it had to be reviewed as such.

By the way, this is the scheister known as Matt Artisan who brings you all this stuff made in clickbait heaven, and he’s even appeared on ABC’s ‘Nightline’ – I guess wonders never cease to exist…:

Matt Artisan on ABC - seeing is believing...

Unlike other reviews in which the review process is more organic as a response to the training course’s unique attributes, the approach here will be systematic and perfunctory. It is considered an appropriate response to what the site offers. Therefore, each of the seven products will be assessed based on four principal criteria: 1. Taster video 2. Clickbait content 3. Clickbait cost 4. Any worth whatsoever?

Clickbait #1: ‘The Language of Attraction’ – 1 = Video is a standard PowerPoint slide presentation made as a video and available on Youtube. 2 = How to seduce her in just three minutes – and it takes 7 modules. A lot of clickbait waffle and bulleted points that S-C-R-E-A-M clickbait. 3 = $50. 4. No congruent claims made, so probably not worth it.

Clickbait #2: ‘Triggering Sexual Chemistry’ – 1 = Video is of The Clickbait Scheister telling guys how she can get clicked…sorry, hooked on them. More clickbait waffle and bulleted points that S-C-R-E-A-M clickbait. 3. The ‘amazing offer of just $1 for a trial 7 days – and then $67 if you want to keep it. 4. A $1 7-day trial period sounds too good to be true – who knows. I just hope the charge-back doesn’t have ‘fine print’…

Clickbait #3: ‘Daytime Seduction’ – 1 = No video. 2 = Clickbait waffle at its most basic, with course modules that seem to have little to do with the product title. 3 = A mere $97. 4 = From what I can tell on the piddly clickbait page…ummmm, no.

Clickbait #4: ‘Texting Girls Guide Mobile App’ – 1 = A simple 2-minute intro by Artisan himself regarding how to text her more efficiently and win her over. 2 = The content is presented clickbait-style, but at least it’s on point and topic, i.e. how to text her more effectively. 3 = A definite comparative steal at $3.99, available for iPhone and Android. 4 = Seems the best option of all of The Attractive Man suite, and includes a bonus ‘Texting Toolkit’ guide.

Clickbait #5: ‘Turn Her On With Text’ – 1 = Another standard PowerPoint slide presentation made as a video and available on Youtube. Standard fluff. 2 = Texts are the centre of this universe, so it’s all about how to be the best at texting her. It’s all presented very much clickbait-style. 3 = $47, so not cheap. 4. Not at that price, although it does come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Clickbait #6: ‘The Academy’ – 1. Starts with some clip with Conan O’ Brien and a beautiful actress admitting that she never gets hit on by men and then slips into same ol’ slide presentation as video clip. Dull. 2 = A whole bunch of ‘Phases,’ ‘Weekly Video Lessons,’ ‘Assignments,’ ‘Private Facebook Group’ and bonus ‘Weekly Conference Calls’ comprise this ‘Academy’. 3 = Starts at $9.97 for the first month and then $47 per month thereafter. 4 = An expensive commitment, but one can supposedly cancel at any time.

Clickbait #7: ‘Dominate Your Life – Accountability Program’ – 1 = a 9-minute video schpiel of Artisan explaining this latest product – also available on Youtube. 2 = Lots of ‘life and lifestyle’ advice – at least it doesn’t glaringly read like clickbait content. 3 = “Your Investment Option” can either be $125 per month or $675 for 6 months upfront – a steal!. 4 = At those prices I would want a penis enlargement of 2 inches and a season ticket to the Taj Mahal. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, I guess…

Tallied up all those costs, have you? You (try) do the math, and then you tell me whether or not this collection of ‘products’ is worth all that. I know what I think.


It’s flat-out hilarious that a training ‘program’ that is so steeped in clickbait should have ‘bonuses’ that are free! The irony is delicious. The videos are presented in three parts and are titled ‘How To Get A Hot Date in 3 Minutes’. The three videos add up to over 40 minutes – for a 3 minute how-to. All videos feature Artisan looking decidedly dishevelled and scrawny in front of a piss-dull whiteboard:

The Artisan looking a tad underwhelming...

And how does it look and feel?

It looks like…Upsell Central! Visually and content-wise this is a website that feels and looks just like every other site trying to nab your attention (and your wallet) with S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G headlines in bold, bulleted points that promise so much and all that crappy, snappy jazz. You know – the online equivalent of walking past a really seedy sex shop in a red light district.

There’s nothing distinctive about this site in terms of visuals and branding. That’s odd, given how much is for sale here. You’d expect at least some branding consistency and styling, but there’s almost none of that. The main logo is demure, whilst the logos and title fonts and styles, etc., of the various products on sale have no integration with each other whatsoever. The website looks just like The Attractive Man – disparate products thrown together into an incohesive, shoddy whole.

By the way, the site is a fucking nightmare in terms of allowing you in. Even as a member one keeps getting kicked out and having to re-enter one’s login details. It’s alarming at first and then just damn annoying to keep getting this notice shoved in your face:

The Attractive Man - such an inviting site!

What’s To Like About The Attractive Man?

  • Precious little. Seriously. Let’s face it – it’s expensive as hell, so I guess some guys will really feel like they’re ‘investing’ in themselves and their dating future and other social and personal ‘victories’ to be had. To the rest of us, they’re just losers with way too much money to blow.
  • plus
    Okay, there is a chance that some of the products on offer could be worthwhile. The texting app for $3.99 looks like a decent bet that could actually garner some results for a guy with the app on his smartphone. The ‘Academy’ is incredibly pricey, but there does seem to be quite a bit on offer. For the guy who can afford it, maybe it has some worth for him. But how is one to know the potential of products when one barely gets ‘tasters’ for each, and most of which reek to high heaven of clickbait. Don’t blame me for being dismissive when I’m not even allowed a decent look through the goods, Mr. Artisan.

What’s Not To Like About The Attractive Man?

  • Could any training site be as remotely clickbait-fanatical as The Attractive Man? I very much doubt it. In fact, I wholly doubt it.This is crass and commercial clickbaiting at its very worst. It doesn’t come any more grim, tawdry and downright ugly as this. Frankly, it’s as off-putting as imagining Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in bed together. Ewwwww! Yip, that bad.
  • minus
    What is one learning here, with the site as is? What do members gain except to see what they can’t have until they shell out more cash? There’s not even a simple manual to read through with the principal points about the training. All the ‘modules’ and ‘chapters’ belong elsewhere, as if over the rainbow and as long as you’re willing to fork out more dough. Then again, how could one expect to get such a manual when there is no actual training course on offer? There’s nothing here of any substance – just a conglomeration of unconnected, mostly rambling content that has no central purpose, theme or direction. The effect is of a ‘training course’ that is soulless and without any focal point or tangible outcomes. How does any of this add up to ‘The Attractive Man’? Are all these ‘skills,’ most of which will cost you a pretty penny, somehow supposed to make you more ‘attractive,’ is it? I see – not. It’s just bullshit logic to call it that, of course.
  • minus
    It’s very telling that The Attractive Man site has no identity. After all, this is a pseudo training course that has no identity whatsoever. Artisan seems to think that throwing a few products together and having a generic name as a masthead somehow ties it all together. It does not. One can start anywhere among the seven products on offer, in any order, and as randomly as one likes, and it would make no difference whatsoever. After all, the seven products are only tenuously linked to one another and there’s no central module or even thesis to give order and focus to all the products. Yes, it’s a constant gripe of mine with this offering, and with good reason, I believe. Who could convincingly argue otherwise?


It’s simple: when any person has gone through the trouble of signing up for a training course, even if free, only to be bombarded with enough clickbait to sink Manhattan, then the punter will feel cheated. That is the feeling one gets when trawling through the commercial grab-you cesspool that is The Attractive Man. You’re just a punter, mate. And that is a resounding feeling that you just can’t shake on this site.

It’s ironic that a course that has the word ‘attractive’ in its title is so spectacularly unattractive in the way that it lures you in, only to hit you over the head again and again with endless offers that just mean spending more money. After a while, the effect of The Attractive Man on a ‘member’ is that of a Warner Bros cartoon character that’s been hit on the head with a massive mallet for the umpteenth time.

There have been other training courses reviewed by us that have shown up their cynical attempts at clickbait and their shallow offerings. But the cynicism and commercial overkill of The Attractive Man is nothing short of spectacular. A member arrives on the site and is treated like nothing more than a punter to be milked.

Frankly, who cares how ‘good’ or even ‘great’ the upsell products might be? Not when one has been that manipulated. The experience was so unpleasant that I cannot in good conscience give the so-called The Attractive Man anything less than a huge, failing grade. Yuck.

2 thoughts on “The Attractive Man Review – Hellish Upsell Central!

  1. You didn’t try the products you merely reviewed a product based on its advertisements.

    That’s not a review, that’s reviewing an advert and pretending your reviewing a product.
    Are you too cheap to pay for the product your reviewing? Don’t review a product you haven’t even used.

    What garbage.

    • Not true, we buy every product we review and go through all its videos. You on the other hand have left a comment under the name “Jack Johnson” while your email address is for Tim Bradshaw, so who is the one being dishonest here?

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