The Benefits Of Dating A Man Older Than You

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​In the vintage years before cultural civilization, dating was not a very common phenomenon. Men sought and courted women of their choice by abducting, paying dowry or simply making arrangements with their dads depending on the traditions of that society. In those days, young women ended up as wives of much older men.

The modern dimension is however completely different and dating is highly unlikely without mutual consent. Dating older men is even more challenging as cultural developments seem to point against such odds. This does not however mean it is impossible. There are a few things any lady should know about older men, how they handle matters and their dating principles.

It is also important to note that not all older men exhibit these characteristics and other factors such as background and youth years play a big role.

Characteristics of older men relationships

Dating older men can be described as having a relationship with men who are your senior by 8 years or more. Ages within the 5 year bracket are not necessarily “older men”. When looking for older men, chances are that they will shy away at the opportunity of making the first move.

Men who are over 10 years older will not actually want to believe you find them very attractive. The first impression would be their wealth or other effects that are not related to natural physical attraction. Others will simply consider dating younger girls inappropriate. It is therefore upon the girl to make first moves.

Flattering, smiling, refilling the beer glass and tucking in their hands are just a few moves you can make on older guys.

Making reservations for dinners and visiting once in a while to prepare supper are also key indicators of interest. Older guys have gone through a lot of experiences and the relationship will certainly feature some form of mentorship. This is an advantage because they will help you pull through various milestones and situations.

You can trust them with any issue you are currently going through and chances of them having experienced the same are more apparent.

Although they can and will give sound advice, the mentorship can become too parental and annoying. Men over 30 years have probably gotten accustomed to some principles and routines in their life. They are therefore expected to be more set in their ways and less flexible when compared to exhilaration-hungry youths in early 20’s.

Depending on the age, older men will have issues with prostate levels, muscle soreness, blood pressure and cholesterol among related concerns. Matters with previous relationships, ex-girlfriends and/or ex-wives will also arise when dating older men. The past relationships and attachments may affect how they relate to you.

Similarly the ex-persons may decide to cloud your imagination with false stories or just make it difficult for you to date. There is also the weird element of being confused for dad and daughter in the public. However, love develops determination and despite all the negative aspects surrounding dating an older man, there are many benefits in such relationships.

Advantages of dating an older man

Dating older men is more comforting and less distracting when compared to those of your own age. Men over 10 years older will have ambitions and expectations very different from yours and can easily understand why you have certain dreams.

The understanding nature of older men, derived from living experiences, is needed for any healthy relationship. Older men are also more stable in terms of finances. They are generally settled, not chasing any wild dreams and are cautious in their choices.

They will approach any investment or business opportunity with a comprehensive evaluation to prevent incurring losses characteristic of youthful mistakes. Older men will therefore help you gain experience of life and how to analyze situations before making decisions.

The mentorship aspects will help you think way above your age which corresponds to gaining intellectual knowledge. Dating an older man will simply make you start thinking like old folks and not like most youths.

Older men can also help you quit certain bad habits and addictions without having to pay any rehabilitation fees. You will also learn how to manage finances and choosing the right priorities to spend your money on.

Since you are much younger, older guys will tend to treat you as a little trophy. You will often get away with some silly mistakes without heavy confrontations and arguments.

It is however important not to abuse this privilege. The oversight mistakes should give you better judgment and turn you into a more responsible person.

In simple terms, dating older men will turn you into a better person capable of making informed decisions based on understanding apparent situations.

Things you should never do

Dating an older man will require you to avoid specific things that may hurt them or jeopardize the relationship. There are some sensitive issues that should never be complicated. Older men may have past experiences that took years to finally forget and move on.

They can arise from time to time causing minor disorientation. Bringing up confrontational discussions about them may not be a wise idea. It is best to just offer them some space to deal with such issues considering they happened long before knowing you.

Complaining about situations or conditions brought about by aging, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol among other things, may also push away older men. Overspending and wasting household supplies is also unacceptable for older men who know how much work it takes to avail those supplies.

You should also avoid trying to change older men from their preferences and ways unless they have negative effects. Young folks may not see it as a big deal to flirt with friends. Older men will however feel some level of sensitivity when you start flirting with their friends, especially those who are better off in life than them.

You should also avoid separation or break-up threats.


Dating older men is perfectly alright and will enable you to become a more responsible person at a younger age. You will gain more life experience and they will help with the difficult situation. They are more understanding than young youths.

The relationship can provide many benefits, although it will never offer the true youthful experience.

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