The Ex Factor Review – Ex Doesn’t Mark the Spot

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The Ex Factor is a training course that lays on its purpose from the beginning: “This book is about getting your ex back. For the next 14 chapters, that’s all I’m going to be talking about.” The “I” here is Bradley Browning and even the sub-title for this training makes its agenda very clear: “The Comprehensive Guide to Getting Your Girlfriend Back”.

The emphasis is on knowing yourself, being happier and realizing that it is happiness that a guy should really seek, even in the quest of getting his girlfriend back in his clutches. The stages post-breakup are dissected from the very aftermath of the breakup all the way through to a guy reconnecting with his ex and, finally, the relationship blooming again. It’s akin to the Five Stages of Grief by Kübler-Ross.

There is no denying that the breakup of a relationship can be one of the most heart-wrenching experiences for a guy. A course that promises to get the ex back in his life will no doubt be appealing to many. It is specific pain that has a specific and ready audience. But does The Ex Factor live up to its promise and deliver a way out of the pain and a way to gain back the ex? This review of The Ex Factor will take all necessary factors into consideration.

The Ex Factor logo - little X Factor
The Ex Factor logo – little X Factor


Breaking up can be painful beyond belief, especially for the guy who has been dumped. To know how to get his ex back (if she’s worth it, of course) should be a sound basis for any dating training. To the credit of The Ex Factor the methods that are suggested here are focused on that one thing and have a logical thread from beginning (the early days of the breakup) to the end (a successful re-igniting with the ex).

Unfortunately, The Ex Factor, though not a complete failure, still falters on too many levels. For example, the course’s creator, a certain Bradley Browning, is completely absent from any and all visual or audio presentations. Instead, in his place we have stand-ins who hardly excite or convince. Another example is that of a giant (editing?) gaffe made with one of the so-called ‘letters’ written in by someone seeking his advice. That really rankles.

The Ex Factor has only itself to blame for the fact that this blunder jeopardizes the perception of all its content, some of which is decent. It has only itself to blame for content that is too often generic and does little to innovate the dating survival game. It is to blame for raised expectations on a theme too many of us have endured. Guys going through that emotional and mental hell deserved better than this.

The Lowdown…

Any training course that has a 167-page PDF as its principal training module feels very daunting. But on one must trek in the great struggle to win at the dating game! This is not less than the 6th edition as published in July 2016. There’s a whole page of Legal Reminders, including Copyrights & Trademarks and Confidentiality & Limited Use, the latter stipulated not once but twice. Intimidating stuff!

This legalese page is immediately followed by Important Disclaimers, which includes a section on how ‘This Product Is Not a Substitute for Certified Professional Counseling’ and another section on ‘Know the Signs of Depression and Seek Help If Needed’. All this officiousness somehow makes it all seem rather daunting – and not exactly welcoming.

Anyhow, what follows are 14 chapters in the PDF, including a ‘Prologue: The Big Picture’ and Brad Browning is the creator and host (of sorts). If getting your ex-girlfriend is the target then you still need to still assess and know for sure what your REAL goal is. Browning makes that point most emphatically. What you really should be chasing, by the way, is happiness, not your ex. That’s a spin.

The ‘science of being happy’ is mentioned in the prologue, in which token research is provided. The claim is that, “Research has proven that, with a few exceptions, any event that happens today will have very little (if any) impact on how happy you are in 3 months’ time.” Perhaps winning the lottery is one of those “few exceptions”? I know it would be for me…

He does provide a link to a TED Talk by Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert in which he tells us that our capacity for happiness is far greater (and far more complex) than most of us imagine. It’s also very elusive. I could have done without this ‘Happiness Slogan,’ the type of simpleton ‘feel-good wisdom’ that often induces bile in many of us:

A Happiness Slogan To Make One Bilious
A Happiness Slogan To Make One Bilious

This Bradley character has been through a lot. He states in Chapter 1, the Introduction: I know the gut-wrenching feeling of having your heart broken into a billion little pieces, only to hear “Don’t talk to me,” and “I don’t care.” I know the feeling of having that girl call you up and tell you she doesn’t love you anymore.”

It continues: “I know the feeling of having her ignore you to the point that she won’t even
look at you or talk to you. I know the feeling of walking home after a hard day’s work only to catch your girlfriend kissing another man in your bedroom. I know how it feels to take a glance at your girlfriend’s
cell phone, only to read several text messages from men saying what they want to do with her in bed.”
Jesus, just how many guys can claim to have been through that amount of heartache that amount of times?! Either this guy is a magnet for attracting the biggest bitches on the planet or it’s a case of he doth protest and empathize just a tad too much. Hugely unlucky or just full of it? Who knows. All I know is that all this orgy of empathy for what guys are going through got a bit on my nerves.
Browning believes that a guy going through all this torment can only do better by having a helping hand – like The Ex Factor, of course. He does make it very clear that he is able and very much wants to help any guy that is taking it badly or needs some advice or just a (knowing) shoulder to lean on. Not only does he provide the usual social media contacts, but by page 20 is already punting his ‘personal 1-on-1 coaching’.
It comes across a bit like a hard sell, Bradley. Words like “I won’t be able to offer this service forever, as I can only help so many clients a month, so I recommend you sign up as soon as possible to ensure you’re able to reserve your spot.” only make the hard sell seem even more used car salesman-like.
The reason she dumped you is because she is no longer attracted to you. Simple, really. Which is why Chapter 2 explains what are “attractive characteristics”. These include ‘You are a leader,’You don’t let other people affect and change your reality’ and ‘You take care of yourself’. He even cites that being culturally, mentally and emotionally rich is very attractive – not to mention being money rich, of course.

Being intelligent and talented, social and having goals are also very attractive traits to women. Other women lusting for you is also a huge turn-on (the most tired of cliches in the dating course world – who knows, maybe it’s true…), as is the fact that you understand women. As Browning states: “Just be like that mind-reading vampire from a teen fiction novel [Twilight] and you’ll have women clamoring after you.” It’s deep stuff.

And there’s more: you need to be humble and “a lover for all the right reasons” – whatever the fuck that means. And, no, the reason given for that nugget is not enlightening. Beyond that a guy must also be “
powerful, decisive and you must not take crap from anyone!”
As if a guy is not already completely exhausted from this myriad list of must-haves he must also be an optimist, not a pessimist and someone who is always a comfortable person to be around. Further, a guy must always be honest with a woman and identify with her feelings at all times AND a guy must be strong, but also have a sensitive side. And it goes without saying that a guy must also be fit.
But of course! Any man has the energy for all of that, right! I mean, is there any (living and breathing, non-fictional) man on Earth that is capable of being all of those things just for a woman?! A training course is possibly in trouble when you find yourself veering between laughing out loud and shaking your head. It does nothing to make you take it seriously.
The ‘science’ of attraction is discussed, including oxytocin, which is the so-called ‘love hormone’. Browning alleges that the more “attractive characteristics” (i.e. the interminable, laughable laundry list I’ve just gone through above) the more oxycotin will be released into a woman’s hypothalamus and the more she will be attracted to you. It’s claptrap, of course.
Browning then highlights the ‘6 Deadly Sins’ in a relationship which include being too controlling, having low self-esteem, being too clingy or needy and jealous. One can only agree with those as being turn-offs for any person, female or male.
There is a ‘Featured Customer Coaching Question’ in which a past client named Christie L (names changed for privacy, of course) asks Brad for his guidance on how she has treated her boyfriend. The scenario seems genuine (or well-scripted) enough, even if his response is a trifle flippant. At least it shows some ‘coaching’ coming from Mr. Browning.
“Panic and Acceptance” is covered in Chapter 4 in which guys are told to do the exact opposite  of what they would normally and pathetically do (because of their panic). Even more difficult, but an imperative must-do, is to stay away immediately after the breakup. Yip, it’s the ‘No Contact’ phase, which is about as easy to do as resisting the urge to eat everything at a buffet table.
For Browning, the magic number is 31 days. Again, convenient ‘research’ is cited as with, “studies have shown that women begin to start missing their boyfriends/husbands intensely after about three weeks of no contact”. Getting rid of everything to remind you of her will help during this wretched time.
Other scenarios are helpfully contemplated, such as what to do if you broke up quite some time ago or what to consider should she be living in a different city.
Then along comes another ‘Coaching Question,’ supposedly from a woman named Kathryn in a long-distance relationship who’s boyfriend had broken up with her. She goes to visit his hometown and then her “letter” becomes littered with mixed (wrong) personal pronouns. It’s mind-blowing bad. Examples include: “He made me lunch and we even hung out with her and his dad for a while.”
It gets better: “We had a talk about things and I was completely honest with her about still having feelings for her but I said I’d never push her to change his mind.” and “I had so many new things to tell her about my life when I visited two weeks ago. He barely had much to say because not much has changed for her. He still hasn’t found a job in engineering that he has been looking for.” WTF?!!
Sorry, but that just doesn’t cut it with this reviewer. What person in their right mind rights an ‘agony letter’ with so many ridiculous mix-ups in the pronouns about their own ex-boyfriend?! At the worst it’s bogus and a made up ‘letter’, at the very least it was a real letter that was terribly transcribed in editing this PDF. Either way, it’s insulting.

Getting or renewing hobbies, becoming more immersed in the virtual wankfest that is Facebook, exercising and other distractions are recommended as ways of getting through the tough early days of a breakup. Or you should date other women. Nothing like rebound sex and dating – oh well, it’s another distraction, I guess. Advice is provided whether she calls you during the ‘No Contact’ phase – or not.

 Eventually all of the game-playing and to-and-fro (should it have happened) will lead to a “date”. Except you must never, ever call it a ‘date,’ of course. The strategy at this event should be that of Confidence,
Conviction and Energy.
Then all of this should lead to a seduction of her and hopefully re-building your life with her, one careful step at a time. Or something to that effect. By this time my smarting over the bogus-sounding, pronoun-schizoid letter from Kathryn was making my mind tick over and I honestly didn’t care as to how this training chose to end itself.


There is a decent array of free bonuses on offer, which include three videos. The first and second videos discuss how a guy can deal with depression in the aftermath of a breakup. On a tangent of depression is the issue of motivation and how to motivate oneself when struggling with post-relationship depression, and which is dealt with in the third video.

There are three bonus eBooks on offer. There is the ’10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction’ by Derek Lamont and ‘Seven Steps to Sex Appeal: Grooming and Style Secrets for Men’ by Mark Belmont, as well as ‘Flawless Physique Fitness Guide’ by (it’s presumed) Browning himself. The last one seems to be the most useful, given that it’s the more practical of the three.

There is also the ‘Relationship Repair Collection,’ which comprises four eBooks – four of them are by Browning, whilst a fifth is by another dating ‘guru,’ Dean Cortez (who here provides ‘Secret Strategies to Rekindling Romance With An Ex’).

There’s also a very handy FAQs section titled ‘Common Breakup Questions and ‘What If’ Scenarios’ which I believe to be the most useful of all the bonus features. Questions that torment guys like ‘My ex deleted me on social media and/ or blocked my phone number, what should I do?’ are addressed, and will no doubt be immensely helpful (and soothing) to guys in that predicament. There is also a very helpful ‘Customer Support Center’ that usefully answers technical and billing-related queries.

Very odd is how the audio clips that mirror the content in the PDF are narrated by some guy called ‘Chris’. To say that he is robotic-sounding is to put it mildly. This Chris is not as creepy as the shiver-inducing ‘female friend’ called Nikki in ‘Unlock Her Legs’, but he comes quite close! Am I the only one who finds this type of voice over unsettling?

It may say it's by Browning but it isn't his voice
It may say it’s by Browning but it isn’t his voice

And how does it look and feel?

A PDF is a PDF is a PDF. It’s very hard to make a PDF document visually scintillating, or even all that interesting-looking. Some of the visuals are downright generic and cheap-looking in the PDF for The Ex Factor, like this really classy one relating to “attraction”:

A Naff Photo Depicting 'Attraction'
A Naff Photo Depicting ‘Attraction’

The rest of the site is very standard and visually neutral, although not as blatantly blog-looking as many other dating course websites tend to be. The use of green and white with accents of grey as the main colour scheme is also different (and therefore welcome) to the usual palette (red, black, grey and white, anyone?) used by the majority of these websites.

What’s To Like About The Ex Factor?

  • There is a methodology here. The topic is how to get your ex back and the entire training course focuses on that with few needless diversions. It commences with the early days and all the anguish that goes with that, followed by the all-important 31-day-long ‘No Contact’ phase. It then progresses onto the first tentative reconnections with the ex, followed by the all-important ‘first date’. The course concludes with when the ex has been conquered and love prevails once again, except this time with a wiser and more relationship-savvy guy. There’s a distinct path and progression to this training course, and that is appreciated.
  • Browning does do a particularly raw hard sell early in his PDF, but hard sells are not rampant in The Ex Factor. The bonuses don’t overwhelm you like an avalanche nor are there umpteen clickbait ‘upsells’ that promise you the world whilst promising to take a nice thick wad of cash from your wallet. By doing that, The Ex Factor retains some respectability and even credibility. And it does so with some interesting videos and, in particular, some well-thought out FAQs and support questions. That is a good thing, since the course’s credibility is slashed in other respects (see the next sub-section)

What’s Not To Like About The Ex Factor?

  • There may be a methodology in place, which is commended above, but that doesn’t mean what is on offer is fresh or innovative. Most of The Ex Factor’s content is neither. For the most part, it is generic and replicated-sounding content that doesn’t inspire or excite. This is not helped by a PDF that mostly rambles, although it is admittedly not the worst culprit I’ve come across in that way.
  • To be blunt – The Ex Factor comes across as bogus at times. Much was made in this review (as above) of the letter ‘written’ by a woman Kathryn. The repeated mix of pronouns in the same sentences were so overwhelmingly obvious that they would be laugh-out funny if they didn’t so seriously undermine the entire course. Why bother to include such a terribly-written letter? It immediately put all the ‘Coaching Questions’ throughout the main PDF’s content into question, and must put Browning’s various personal assertions and personal accounts into question. That is what happens when the truthfulness of content becomes suspect. If Richard Nixon had his Watergate, then The Ex Factor has its ‘Kathryngate’.
  • This is a course that is curiously lacking in character precisely because there is no central character to give it a living and breathing immediacy. After all, who the hell is Brad Browning? We never get to see the guy – hell, we never even get to hear the guy! As mentioned before, the audio clips that mirror the main PDF are by some robotic-sounding guy called Chris, whilst the video clips are voiced over by some nasally young guy called ‘Ricky’ and who claims to be Browning’s assistant. Why the complete absence of the guy who created and wrote The Ex Factor? With these very odd quirks the course also lacks authenticity, which, when one can considers how suspect some of the content is, devalues the content even more.


A great topic that is relevant to so many people does not, unfortunately, a great training course make. The Ex Factor is not entirely rubbish. There is a methodology here that is mostly on point, keeps on track and has an end goal and purpose. That is commendable. There are also bonuses and FAQs that are interesting and do add value that at least don’t rip members off with dubious clickbait techniques.

However, with a ghost-like presence by its creator, Brad Browning, and content that is suspect (to say the least), the course loses too much of its authenticity and, worse still, possibly too its credibility. Some of Browning’s writing comes across as disingenuous. This is never a good thing for this type of training. The course, whilst having a solid methodology, is neither very innovative or pushing the envelope.

It’s a pity. The topic and some of the source material deserved better. Guys who are going through the sheer hell that is a breakup and its aftermath need more than what is on offer here. This is a training course that needed more presence and more verve. The Ex Factor may not be as outright crap as the worst dating course reviewed by us to date, but aspects of it come a little too close to that for comfort.

Grade: C-

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