The Flow Review – Stuck In The Shallows

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The Flow Logo...Or How To Not Mince Your Words

As the logo shows: “The Easiest Way to Get Laid Or Get a Girlfriend” – that’s what the training course offered by Dan Bacon known as The Flow promises to do. It comes packaged in a single PDF document of no less than 209 pages. There are four basic steps to this thing called The Flow.

The basic premise is that girls (women) are not that difficult to pick up or date – it’s all about knowing how.

As basic premises go, the one highlighted in The Flow has, let’s be honest, been said and attempted many times before in a multitude of other training courses of the same type aimed at guys. So, to pull it off will be to set itself apart or at least attempt something novel or left-of-centre.

 Does The Flow achieve that?

This DateandSimple review will reveal whether we think The Flow has any movement or is simply dead in the water.

The Flow Review


Dan Bacon

Our Rating:



  • NO


There is a real danger with dating courses aimed at guys that aim low and go typical: you know, promising guys to get girlfriends and get laid without too much effort. Real broad sweeps and generic stuff like that litter the online dating course world.

That was the premise upon which The Flow based itself and, as such, it needed to be different or at least novel. The Flow is neither – or much else.

Based on four of the most blah steps imaginable, the content plods along boringly over more than 200 pages.

It’s boredom by inertia. Lazy and generalized content is putting it mildly – The Flow comes across as an amalgamation of every other lazy, generalized online dating course out there.

Jesus, surely guys deserve more than that?! 

That is why The Flow cannot be recommended.

What's to like:

  • Nothing really

What's not to like:

  • 200+ Pages of blah
  • Seriously boring

The Lowdown…

It must be said outright that an Introduction of 8 pages can be daunting. Here it’s 8 pages of Dan Bacon warbling on about how he came to write The Flow based on being dumped by some girlfriend of his.

Thankfully (and this can be said for the remaining almost 200 pages of the PDF) the font size here is quite large and at least 1.5 line spacing in evidence. Thank goodness for that, to be honest.

He makes some pretty bold statements in just the Introduction, telling guys that, once they have mastered his confidence techniques, that they won’t even have to try that hard to get girls into them. Heck, they won’t even need to be picked up.

Forget about 12 steps or even 10 steps, all it takes here are four simple steps to always winning the girl, according to Bacon.

The four steps of The Flow are: 1. Start an interaction. 2. Spark attraction.
3. Develop a connection. 4. Take it to the next level. I don’t know about you, I just look at the names of those four steps and none of them say WOW! to me at all. But I needed to be fair and persevere on.

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Bacon reckons that too many guys make the pivotal mistake of skipping the part of sparking her feelings of sexual attraction and, thus, turning her on. In doing this, he claims, a guy just lands up turning her off when he makes advances on her because she isn’t even turned on yet, let alone ready to go further.

Yip, it’s the whole ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ syndrome, you could say.

The key thing here is sexual chemistry, not (heaven forbid) ‘friendly’ chemistry. This too is a theme that one comes across again and again on other like dating course: a woman as a friend is a NO-NO, because what you want is that sexual chemistry that will get you laid and have sparks fly like crazy.

There must be truth to the assertion, because it’s sure repeated enough times in dating courses.

Then that emphasis on the sexual is somewhat contradicted when the following equation is put forward by The Flow:

Is This a Mathematically Proven Equation?

The problem is that the ‘Emotional Connection’ part of this (already dodgy) equation is not convincingly argued in the content. The contradiction with the huge emphasis on sexual-chemistry-at-all-costs prior to it is simply not overcome – and that’s problematic with regard to the credibility of The Flow.

And then the poverty of the above equation is brought into even sharper focus with this subsequent, even more naff equation (in telling red motif, please note):

Nonsense Equation #2

Moving on…

He does offer some interesting enough tips on how guys can try and break the ice in certain social situations, such as where he’s in a bar and approaches her whilst she’s with a group of friends. Even his tip on how to approach a babe on the dance floor of a nightclub could actually work – or result in him getting a fat slap across his chops.

Still, he offers up some typical scenarios with a nice twist.

It’s all about a guy having confidence, masculinity and social intelligence, according to Bacon.

The Flow seems to give decent tips on the first two of those – not so sure about the social intelligence part. And his list of 8 traits that women like is, well…obvious. Here they are: 1. Confident. 2. Masculine. 3. Funny. 4. Unpredictable. 5. Charming. 6. Sexual. 7. Charismatic. 8. Socially intelligent.

I am always amazed at these training gurus who reel off personality lists (usually of the what-women-really-want-in-a-man ilk) as if they’re a simple laundry list that any guy can just acquire, so long as he just really works at it and really believes it. Shit, as if!

Ultimately, this content sure does meander along, here and there and everywhere. One would think that with four (very simple) steps that the content would have a sense of stricture and, dare I use a dreadful pun for this course, some logical flow.

Not a chance.

Not even the four simple steps can keep Dan Bacon on track and not boring me to death with anecdotal waffle.

Let it be said: Reading the last 100 or so pages of this content was sheer purgatory for me, folks.


None to speak of. To be brutally honest, any extras or bonuses would have come in very handy, if only to improve on the main material. Then again, perhaps they would have just shown up how poor the said material is…

And the ‘Blog’ section cannot be considered real extras, given that nearly all the articles therein are merely introductory fodder to other training courses and the like.

And how does it look and feel?

Is there such a thing as ‘post-dull,’ as in something that is duller than even dull? Well, that’s the feeling one gets with The Flow.

The PDF itself is as boring and generic as PDF as one could get, and the overall site (which is that for The Modern Man site, as this is but one of its training courses on offer) is as piss poor dull and devoid of visual aesthetic (or even branding) as possible for a WordPress site.

What’s To Like About The Flow?

  • There’s actually nothing that distinct to really like about The Flow. Or would (very) basically keeping to the same (tired) themes be considered a possible like? Maybe to be more fair, it does have some interesting asides (like those under ‘Conversation Contribution’ or ‘Conversation Starters’ which could be helpful for some guys), but they are unfortunately too few and far between to elevate the course.

What’s Not To Like About The Flow?

  • A lot. Let me say this: if you are a guy who likes to read pages and pages of waffling, meandering content that seems to go on forever, then you will love The Flow. However, if you like your learning to have a semblance of structure and an actual learning curve, then The Flow will bore you to tears and even frustrate you to the point of switching off. You would think that with four steps that it would be easily achieved, but not with content written like this.
  • This is basically a lazy course. The content is derivative and offers little if any insight into dating (never mind getting laid) for any guy with even a smattering of experience thereof. What is possibly most astounding (and disappointing) about this course is that it is put together by the same guy who did another very decent and smart training course (‘The Modern Relationship’) that was reviewed just before this one. Was Dan Bacon even involved in this training course or did some underling/buddy/PA/hack do it for him? The disconnect between this (mostly sub-par piece of crap) course and that (far better, far more intelligent) course is that huge – it honestly makes no sense.


To be blunt: The Flow offers too little and takes too long to say it. For those guys who enjoy a mostly anecdotal read, then this course may be a decent read – all 204 pages of it. For those who want (demand?) more structure and deeper insight then this course will offer scant value.

They may pick some useful tips here and there, but the overall impact is of a half-baked, unconvincing effort.

The effect of The Flow is of content that is so generic and so unstructured as to be downright boring.

A course comprised entirely of just one PDF is already in danger of being dull. Hence the need for content that has purpose and an engaging, solid premise.

 This course does not achieve that.

For this reviewer, The Flow is mostly turgid and almost dead in the water.

2 thoughts on “The Flow Review – Stuck In The Shallows

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for sparing me the pain of plodding through the whole thing. My sense of humor is a lot more cerebral than what he recommends to get women laughing. Besides, as an old soul, I was too old for clubbing, even in my twenties. If you can recommend anything for polite, well-mannered men, I would sure appreciate it!
    Kris G

  2. I disagree.

    I read Dan’s Flow book 3 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

    It showed me the very simple way to get girls without all the nonsense and complicated formulas of other books and programs. I got laid so many times by using the flow steps and I now have myself a pretty girlfriend who loves me more than anything.

    So I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with what you have written here.


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