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“Enjoy the happiness and true love that you deserve.” That’s one of the first promises made to you by Dan Bacon, the creator and host of this course, breezily titled ‘The Modern Relationship’. That’s no small promise. Comprising just a single video of Dan doing his shtick directly at the camera and before a class of students, this course covers everything from romance to great sex to marriage to everything in between.

Romance, relationships in the modern era, marriage (including how long to wait before even thinking of getting married) and spicing up your sex life – it’s all here. Covering all of that in just one video, even if clocking in at nearly an hour and 46 minutes, is no small task. Does Dan Bacon achieve this with his sparse, even ‘minimalist’ training approach? This review of The Modern Relationship will deliver our verdict.


Choosing to share your philosophy and do a training course in just one video of under two hours takes balls. It is indicative of a trainer/guru who is either incredibly arrogant and delusional about their ability or a trainer/guru who is supremely confident in what they have to share with their students. Dan Bacon is the latter, offering a course that is confident, smart and with value.

The Modern Relationship may be thin on additional information or extras (which, it needs to be said, is a genuine pity), but that is not to diminish its ability to inform and engage. For the guy who is genuine about his wish to secure true romance, a lasting relationship and even a marriage that may work then he can do far worse than spend time doing The Modern Relationship. This one is recommended.

The Lowdown…

You can’t accuse The Modern Relationship course of not being blunt with this opening statement:

Well, is it...?
Well, is it…?

It’s one hell of a statement and sets an interesting precedent for most of the course. According to this course it’s not so much dead as hugely changed when compared to even a couple of generations ago. It may be stating the obvious, but it’s valid because of the context on which Bacon discusses and analyzes modern relationships and how men can improve their chances with women – especially the ‘right one’.

The Modern Relationship is one of the courses on offer under the Modern Man Store umbrella, courtesy of Dan Bacon. He is an amiable enough Aussie who presents this entire course as just one video. Here is the man in action in front of a class of his students:

Dan Bringing Home the Bacon
Dan Bringing Home the Bacon

The Modern Relationship commences with a message that is a common motif in many courses of this ilk, namely make her chase you, rather than you chase her. He does make the very salient point that modern relationships have changed dramatically in recent times, hence why she may need to be more in charge. Also, men are looking at having more relationships in their lifetime, as old notions of staying married to one woman forever ebb away.

Divorce rates continue to soar and the whole idea of ‘family’ has changed dramatically. There is less stigma attached to divorce in many countries, albeit less so in more traditional countries like India and even Italy. He makes some very interesting points about how societies have evolved to the point where women have divorce parties and people revel in being newly divorced!

Women have also become less centred on their marriages and children. The perception about ‘what is the right thing to do’ has changed dramatically. Feminism has only heightened this, as have the recent upsurge in social media and technologies that allow women to be much more free (and even naughty, very naughty) when interacting with men, including even ex-boyfriends and lovers.

So where does this leave men? Well, Bacon correctly points out, this has entirely shifted what is meant to be the role of men with regard to this very changed and very modern woman. Men need to be more adaptable, more realistic about what they can expect from women and those scary, elusive things called relationships.

Bacon then makes the rather interesting (maybe even wild or bizarre?) claim that the best time to get married is only after you’ve been together for 10 years. Jesus, 10 years! That’s a fricking long time for many men to have to ‘try out’ a relationship to see if she’s really the one to wed. How many of you would be up for that? Yet Bacon sticks to that logic, this time switching to straight-to-camera mode:

Dan Bacon Tells You Straight...
Dan Bacon Tells You Straight…

Bacon spends a lot of time talking about and emphasizing compatibility – that explains his enduring insistence on the 10-year rule for marriage. He makes this point intelligently and compellingly, reminding guys that there’s no point rushing into things when you will just have time to reap rash decisions at leisure. It’s a viable philosophy, and convincingly argued.

The goal is not to simply be in a marriage to tolerate or ‘put up with’ your partner. Rather, says Bacon, you should be aspiring to those relationships where the man and woman are still mad about each other after all those years. Gosh, if I didn’t know better, I’d almost believe that Bacon may be quite the sappy romantic!

Communication is key. He reminds men that they need to be able to talk squarely and openly with women, especially a partner. That’s what women want, that is how they operate and that is how a guy will ensure greater success. He also recognizes that there are different types of women, and so, as such, ‘power plays’ with a woman will depend heavily on what type she is. And mix it up when it comes to sex.

He concludes thus: 1. Accept that things have changed with modern relationships and more changes will come. 2. Don’t avoid relationships out of fear of failure. 3. Mistakes are fine because you keep learning. 4. And know that you can have that terrific relationship, as long as you work at it and are truly compatible with her. Fair dinkum, mate.

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There’s really not much at all. There is certainly no ‘Extras’ or ‘Bonuses’ tab replete with extra PDF articles or videos or MP3s, etc. In that way, The Modern Relationship course feels very thin. Even the ‘Blog’ section takes one to a series of ‘articles’ which are really not much more than intros or ‘tasters’ to other courses and offerings. The free back-up for this course is disappointing to say the least.

And how does it look and feel?

To be honest, the look and visuals of this course are piss poor. The landing page (if one can call it that) is about as WordPress dull and dour as one gets, and its branding or visual aesthetic is almost non-existent.The course’s logo is the epitome of this blandness:

Blandest Logo of the Year Goes To...
Blandest Logo of the Year Goes To…

The video itself is adequate to fairly good in terms of sound and visual quality, although it too suffers from a total lack of flash, visual aids or any other means of making the material more appealing or eye-catching.

What’s To Like About The Modern Relationship course?

  • The Modern Relationship is an inherently adult course aimed at adult guys who want to have adult relationships. There is nothing of the fratboy here nor any of the Peter Pan wishful thinking that can sometimes pass for dating courses. Aimed squarely at guys who want to be the best that they can at dating, romance and relationships, The Modern Relationship does a commendable job as such.
  • He may not be the most charismatic guru/trainer that we have come across, but at least Dan Bacon is not some infantile schmuck or strutting peacock (as we too have come across once too many times when reviewing these dating course sites). He speaks moderately and with obvious respect for the guys who are his intended students and audience. There is no talking down at guys here – it’s all done right to a guy, square on. And that is appreciated.

What’s Not To Like About The Modern Relationship course?

  • To be frank, it needed more. This is certainly true of additional/bonus/free material, which was frankly paltry to almost non-existent. What passes for a ‘blog’ section is nothing but a slew of articles aimed at promoting other products and courses. Upsells and other cynical ploys may not be in your face or very evident, but what’s on offer is still too slight and too restricted for the course to really pack a powerful punch – and all the more’s the pity for that.


The Modern Relationship certainly has more depth than this recently reviewed blah effort, but it doesn’t attain the heights of more rich and comprehensive training courses such as this B+ rated course. The learning approach of just one video with no tangible extra or bonus material leaves the course feeling under-developed and too slim to be considered excellent.

However, that should not distract too much from a course that is both smart and engaging. The course trainer/guru, Dan Bacon, is an Aussie who speaks to his students and not at them. He guides and offers good advice, and is neither patronizing nor puerile. The Modern Relationship should have offered more and gone into even greater depth. But it is still a worthwhile and recommended effort for any guy serious about dating, romance and that modern bitch, the relationship.

Grade: B



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  1. Spot on, as usual. Too many fratboy “pickup” gibberish out there indeed. This one sounds pretty different… may just be what the doctor ordered!

    The Middle-aged Greek

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