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The art of The Obsession Formula is that it makes a guy hugely desirable to a woman (or women, of course); hence the training’s name. It claims to be based on groundbreaking “loopholes” in neuroscience that simply make a woman uncontrollably attracted (i.e. obsessed) to a guy. And it does so with methodology, step by step.

Tapping into ancient, primal desires is what it’s all about, according to The Obsession Formula. Pickup lines, the art of seductive talk and simple tips on how to master these are what is on offer. Breakdown and to-do lists proliferate here, all based on a ‘trio’ of types of obsessions. It also offers insight into how sex can become more wild, better, even kinky if so needed.

Getting girls to be interested in a guy is difficult and unnerving enough, so getting them to be obsessed about him – well, that’s quite a big ask – and that’s what is supposedly on offer here. Just how convincing the methodology is and how viable the training seems to be is what will be (not too obsessively, I hope) explored in this review of The Obsession Formula.

The Obsession Formula logo
The Obsession Formula logo


The Obsession Formula focuses solely on one premise: that obsession by a girl for a guy comes in three variants: obsession as temptation, obsession that is fantasy, and obsession that is based on devotion. The training course asserts that a guy has it in his power to have a girl obsessed about him, as long as he plays to her type of obsession and, in doing so, respects her as a woman.

The training is presented by its creator, Adam Lyons, who comes across as likeable, believable and the antithesis of the lying schlenter that too often populate these types of dating courses. He backs up his central thesis with arguments and theoretical examples that actually make sense and are actually interesting. And, to his huge credit, he never veers off course and never acts like a smirky prat.

Is The Obsession Formula convincing? Yes, it is. At least, it is presented in a way that is never patronizing and that at least tries to base its premise on some evidence and interesting analogies. It also treats guys like men and girls like women who can and do enjoy sex and being seduced. Some dubious or tacky bonuses aside, The Obsession Formula is dating training that is a cut above the rest in the genre.

The Lowdown…

The creator and host here is Adam Lyons, an amiable sort of chap, albeit with an odd Mid-Atlantic accent that I couldn’t quite place. Lyons reminds us that dating can be hellish and a minefield (no kidding), but that he provides not only the means of overcoming the obstacles of dating, but being able to control it.

The training is conducted by means of video clips – nine in total. All of them feature Lyons speaking to the camera stood next to a whiteboard. The effect is hardly scintillating, but Lyons is an engaging enough guy who seems to really believe in what he is offering. Here is Lyons next to said whiteboard and a rather creepy-looking painting of a woman to his right – is she crouching or taking a you-know-what…?

Adam Lyons next to a creepy (or something else) painting...
Adam Lyons next to a creepy painting…

The content is divided into chapters or sections, each of which in turn comes in two parts: the theory part and the practical part. He cites this approach as being like “a two-way street” in which on the one side of the street he helps a guy with the theory to help him, and on the “other side of the street” are the practical exercises to get the guy going. It’s a strange analogy, I agree. I just hope no one gets run over.

The nine chapters comprise the Introduction, plus two parts each (the “Core Theory” and the “Practical Application”) of what The Obsession Formula is based on, Temptation Fantasy, Chasing Fantasy and Devotion Fantasy. I know, it’s like titles that could have been conjured up by Stieg Larsson of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Millennium trilogy fame!

Lyons insists (quite a few times) that members mustn’t sit through all of the videos in one go, as “you don’t get to master dating by just watching hours and hours of video” (true enough), but they must rather take in the content in an evolving manner, so increasing the learning curve. Only then can all the theory have any real meaning. So he says.

The three different types of “Fantasies” are what a guy needs to decide he wants in a girl, and they form the foundation for the entire training course. Is it to be temptation? Or possibly her chasing the guy? Or is it all-out devotion that he seeks from her? It’s a clever and interesting gambit by Lyons, in that it forces a guy to really think through the important question: what is that I really want from this girl?

What’s very tempting about Lyons’ approach is that he tells guys that they can “provoke the trigger” of obsession within a girl at any time that he wants or needs. Like some type of sci-fi obsessive-compulsive serum, the message here is that the guy can just enjoy a girl, to see where it goes, and then just ‘switch on’ the obsession when he cares to (remember: control). That’s nifty, I guess – it it works.

Chapter 2 sets out what The Obsession Formula is all about. Lyons makes the point that guys using the Formula may be accused of being manipulative (no kidding), but he argues (quite convincingly, by the way) that the techniques he uses are no less than the very ones used by corporations, executives and other entities to get people to be persuaded, buy products, change their views, etc.

These techniques are used every day, according to the program. And ethical too, because “everyone is already doing it”. I don’t know if that’s a selling point, but he is very insistent about it. Why do people become obsessed is the first question posed. And it’s all about the biochemistry of the human brain. Dopamine, separation anxiety, associative patterns and other chemicals and tricks of the brain are covered here. It is interesting.

Chapter 3 is the practical application of the ‘brain theory’ that was broached in Chapter 2. One of the important aspects of attraction, Lyons claims, is that one has to improve oneself. So, we’re into familiar self-improvement territory here. Flirting, chatting up and pickup lines are all given the brain chemistry makeover, with guys told to ‘build new pathways’ in the brains of girls they’re interested in and meet.

The first of the fantasies, that of temptation, is theorized about in Chapter 4. This is when you want her to be “the embodiment of sexual temptation”. The claim made is that it “transforms the woman you like into a temptress on the prowl, dead set on seducing you”. An intriguing part of this chapter is the use of Marilyn Monroe as a case study on temptation expert in her time.

This is about women, like Monroe, who are very comfortable about their sexuality and how a guy should be able to ‘unleash’ this.  The fear of judgement is, according to Lyons, what holds many women back in enjoying their sexuality (being the ‘temptress’), even if they secretly want to be sexually free. The double standard of women being easily slated as ‘sluts’ is also explored. To be honest, it was a good take.

Unleashing a woman’s sexual side, even her kinky side, is what Chapter 5 is all about. It’s the practical take on the interesting insight into female sexuality and sexual yearning that is offered in Chapter 4. Firstly, consent is all important and driven home. So, no assaulting here, which is a good thing, right?! Some tips are given on how a guy can allow a woman to be tempted into being sexual.

There’s a lot of talk about respect and space here, which in itself is a refreshing take. Too often, other dating training courses come across as hyper-aggressive or duplicitous or both in how guys are expected to approach and stimulate women’s sexuality, which is simply not a good idea for the most part. That’s not the case here. This is a practical take that is measured, sane and makes sense.

Fantasy is the obsession covered in Chapter 6, and its Cleopatra this time who is the female case study that makes the point. Lyons makes the rather controversial assessment that, like Cleopatra, many women have an element of the “gold digger” to them! Many guys (and maybe even a few social anthropologists…ahem..?) may agree with that statement, but it still takes balls to say it out loud!

This obsession technique is for the guy wanting to attract the woman who likes to chase, and who knows what she wants. An interesting point is made about how the woman should perceive that the guy is a ‘perfect 10,’ and hence why she needs him. The difference is that a ‘perfect 10′ is not uber-physical to a woman as it would be for a man, so what constitutes this ’10’ is discussed.

The theme of ten continues with Chapter 7 in which the practical application of the chasing fantasy is attributed thanks to the ’10 things’ that girls are most attracted to. These include strengths in a guy like humour, leadership, thoughtfulness and sexual prowess…all so easy to pull off, of course!

Love and long-term relationships is what the devotion fantasy is all about. This is when a guy knows that she ‘could be the one’. Yip, even the words ‘one’s true love’ are used. The schmaltz factor does get a bit nauseating in these last two chapters, but at least Lyons recognizes that not every guy aspires to a life of endless one-night stands and dirty chicks.

Helen of Troy is the standard bearer for devotion, with an interesting history lesson and perspective thrown in. And it’s not even boring! But guys should beware: this is only for that girl you really want obsessed about you because its you. Otherwise we could be talking Fatal Attraction here, of course!

The bottom line in The Obsession Formula is that, by knowing the different types of fantasy / obsession, so a guy will build up a more complete and thorough skills set which will make a guy, Lyons promises, “a more well-rounded, attractive individual”. Those are not shabby aspirations.


In the “Core Programs” available to all members is the ‘Bonuses’ section, which has no less than 9 PDFs available for reading. These range from the somewhat interesting and helpful (“Text Game Mastery” and “Tinder Hacks”) to the mostly tacky (“The Art of Talking Womanese”, “Facebook Seduction” and “Only You” – all corny and yuck). And the covers for each PDF are also porn-style visuals tackarama.

As is too often the case with these training courses, there are also additional bonuses that reek of clickbait and are damn expensive. On offer here under “Advanced Programs” are “Sexual Addiction,” which will set you back $97, and “Advanced Obsession Mastery,” which comes in at a lowly (not) $297. The prices are also so small you can hardly see them – no wonder.

The final set of bonuses is the puerile-sounding “Red Hornet Seduction Academy” (fuck, couldn’t Lyons have done better than that?), which is divided into the “Academy” and “Live Training”. The former is no less than 52 weeks worth of video chats and training, which look quite interesting:

'The Academy' at The Obsession Formula
‘The Academy’ at The Obsession Formula

However, once any of the weeks were clicked, I was nicely told that I didn’t have access to The Academy – and couldn’t figure out how (much) to have said access. The “Live Training” option is a questionnaire that can then be submitted to Lyons. It seems that sessions with him can be online, telephonic or in person. At least the guy seems to be available for his members if needed. Cost of said services? No idea.

And how does it look and feel?

The Obsession Formula has the distinction of looking like a proper website. This sets apart from so many other dating course sites that invariably look hokey and like nothing more than glorified blogs. They usually look amateurish, where this one at least (mostly) looks polished and professional enough. A case in point is the options toolbar, which is easily navigated and looks the part:

The Obsession Formula Icons Toolbar
The Obsession Formula Icons Toolbar

The site is easy to get around, thanks to the toolbar mentioned above, and had no unseemly glitches from what I could experience. The nine video clips of Lyons discussing the Formula are not particularly visually appealing, but they do what they need to, and at least the camera moves around a bit. A pity are the bonus PDFs, which just look mostly tacky and like any PDFs with poor layout and no cohesion.

What’s To Like About The Obsession Formula?

  • There is a distinct methodology here. The Obsession Formula makes it clear that there are three principal obsessions on which a guy can hook a girl – the obsessions of temptation, fantasy and devotion. And Lyons sticks to that methodology throughout, without any untoward deviations, and with an approach that is structured, always linked to other concepts and easily understood. Nothing is undermined here, because there is focus and because it is convincingly revealed. That is in stark contrast to so many others training courses of this type which are so meandering and so quickly get off the point, that it becomes distracting and downright annoying! Not so with The Obsession Formula – to its enormous credit
  • Adam Lyons is not only an amiable guy, but he is believable because he seems to genuinely believe in what he is spouting here. He also comes across as a smart guy, which makes listening to him a lot more bearable. He has done his homework and he has a theory that, however much a person might not but into it, at least has some basis on empirical study and has been thought out.He never comes across as a schmuck trying to make a buck just for the sake of it. He is trying to make a buck, of course, but at least he’s trying to sell something of some worth in the dating world.
  • This training is by an adult man for adult men talking about a myriad of different types of adult women. He may talk about “guys” and “girls” but there’s no high-school sounding, wishful thinking bullshit going on in this training. And there is a methodology here that can actually be applied by an adult guy wanting success with an adult girl, whatever type of woman she may be.

What’s Not To Like About The Obsession Formula?

  • The use of video for the main training is not particularly great. The camera remains too static for the most part, and Lyons having all his notes already written on the whiteboard paper before he even starts seemed like a bad idea. Somehow him writing on the paper or on a board may have come across more spontaneous. The fact that the writing was small and difficult to read didn’t help. As for that painting to his right…help. At least the videos were not a major drawback thanks to Lyons being engaging enough as a speaker with theories and content that are compelling.
  • Some of the bonuses were a letdown for two reasons: firstly, as mentioned above, some of the free PDFs were tacky in terms of both artwork and some of the content. This unnecessarily denigrated the main content of The Obsession Formula, most of which was smart and not tacky. Secondly, the other paid bonuses looked hopelessly like clickbait and were hellishly expensive. Again, this somehow tarnished the main content for this training course. I understand that the guy needs to capitalize on his theories and training, but these features came across as tacky and make-a-buck overkill. That was considered a pity.


It’s not often that I am genuinely interested in what a training course has to offer conceptually and theoretically. That goes for any type of training, which are so often either dull, unsatisfying or lacking in credibility. The Obsession Formula is none of these – it is engaging, quite satisfying and has credibility.

To get through all this training and never once having a fratboy vibe creep across me was really good. This training felt honest and adult. In the world of training for dating that is no mean feat. Trust me, after wading through many training courses that are the emotional, logical and mental  equivalents of a group jerkoff session, that comes as a relief!

The Obsession Formula keeps it relatively simple, always focused and on point. There is no waffling here that goes nowhere whilst promising everything. It’s mostly smart training that is based on interesting evidence that might just work. And it treats everyone like adults, whoever they may be. That is why The Obsession Formula is very much recommended.

Grade: B+

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