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The Social Man Review – Some Good Bits - Date And Simple

The Social Man Review – Some Good Bits

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The Social Man logo - training to make a guy 'sociable'
The Social Man logo – training to make a guy ‘sociable’

There’s no single course or manual that comprises The Social Man. Rather, it is comprised of a series of different products/offerings, all with the promise of making a guy into a better, more sociable version of himself. The two basic offerings available to members who first join are ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ and ‘Superpowers,’ as well as an impressively large ‘Bonuses’ section.

All basic modules, as well as any additional upsell bonuses a member may opt for (and, boy, are there a lot of those too), are done through the member’s Social Connect Profile. The ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ is the most comprehensive product and promises that if a guy follows that course he will have a girlfriend by the end of it. And she’ll be obsessing about him too.

To what extent does the fairly unstructured and ad-hoc approach offered by The Social Man succeed? This is an important question to ask of any course offering in a world as cluttered and competitive as that of online dating courses. This and other aspects of the products on offer will be what this review of The Social Man will assess and determine. Just how sociable a man can a guy become by using The Social Man?


There is no single thesis in The Social Man. Nor is there a linear approach to the material that take a member through a progressive path of learning. Instead, different products on a host of different dating-related topics are on offer for a member to explore. The most complete series on offer is that of the ‘Girlfriend Activation System,’ with no less than 23 video clips (or an accompanying PDF manual).

The ‘Girlfriend’ Activation System’ is intense and offers members a lot. It’s effectively a 2-day seminar as hosted by course creator Christian Hudson, with some interesting theory and concepts espoused. He even has some good (and not-so-good) guests offering their takes on everything from being challenging and genuine to being more sexual.  The ‘Superpowers’ suite is a dud, given that only the first of seven months is in fact free for members.

The Social Man is bogged down by a lack of structured learning, and, far more egregiously, far too many additional products that are bloody expensive upsells. As is often the case with upsell overkill, it diminishes the core product. But there’s still a lot on offer, and Hudson puts in the effort and has a lot to say and share. The Social Man will have happy punters. But it still could have been better – and left less of a bitter upsell aftertaste.

The Lowdown…

The ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ is the main product that comprises The Social Man. It’s promise? “How to get an awesome, loyal girlfriend? Simple: be the obvious choice, and follow the step-by-step system that gets her obsessed with you. We’ll show you the way.” The promise, therefore, is a solid one: get a girlfriend – make that an obsessed one. Tick-tick for most guys, I would think?

The guy at the head of these offerings is Christian Hudson. In the video clips for this module he seems to be presenting a seminar (he keeps referring to “you guys” which suggests there are people in the room) in a training room that has him standing in front of one of the ugliest ‘modern’ paintings ever committed to canvas. Anyway, Christian comes across amiable enough, although he does look rather young:

Christian Hudson doing his thing - how hideous is the painting?
Christian Hudson doing his thing – how hideous is the painting?

In the Introduction, Hudson goes into quite some detail about his background and how screwed up he used to be in his dating life, ranging from when he owned (and was fired from) his very own software company to when he lived an all-out party life in New York City. It’s actually commendable that the guy does that, as it provides a back story to what he’s offering and shows a certain openness on his part.

A central theory in the ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ is that of a woman’s so-called ‘Obsession Story,’ i.e. the aspects of an ‘obsession’ that a woman could have for a given guy. That is why ‘Masculine Power’ is so important, and includes being dominant, having positive assertions and striving for success. It is a “distinct energy,” that sets a man apart.

The theory is that “dominance starts with expectations of how things should be,” i.e. taking control. This dominance is a type of ‘muscle’ which needs to keep being ‘exercised’. A guy does this by way of ‘Ten Code’ exercises that allow him to be in more instant and better control of situations, conversations, other people and, most importantly, her.

Some of the “convos” that are punted as ways of getting her under your spell of control are a bit lame, to be honest. One example: “Hey, I think you’re really pretty – what’s your name? Where are you off to? Well, I can’t join you…but I want to know you – what’s your number?” Jeez, I dunno about you, but I just don’t see every luscious girl going for those lines, do you?

Competence is also important. There’s a simple equation and it is that Competence = Ability + Responsibility + Reliability. That’s a believable approach, to be fair. After all, if you come across as a guy that is incapable of doing anything or never being responsible for his life and actions or a guy who’s just downright unreliable – well, that’s unlikely to woo her, is it? Fair point, mate.

The Girlfriend Activation System also teaches a guy to be challenging, both of himself and the girl he wants to date. You can’t make it too easy for her is the gist of it. Jason Capital is the guest speaker on that one, and this guy comes across more of a smug douche than Christian ever does. Capital’s voice can get annoying and as for his hairstyle…dude!

A guy also needs to be mysterious and genuine, with the gorgeous lass Alex Allman as his guest specialist on those topics in an amusing and quote open ‘Q&A’ session about what worked and didn’t work for her when she was ‘picked up’ by…none other than Mr Hudson himself. I couldn’t make out if she was his current girlfriend, but there certainly was some interesting chemistry going on there. Here they are riffing off each other:

Alex and Christian - she's the pretty one
Alex and Christian – she’s the pretty one

‘Easiest’ of all things that a guy must have is to be sexual (but of course). This last one has Nick Sparks as the guest guru, who gets introduced as the guy who turns guys into “sexual super studs”. Woo hoo! Sparks sounds a lot like Vince Vaughan but he has some interesting stuff to say about how to shape your own sexuality and be a more sexual guy.

Being ‘boyfriend material’ is also discussed in some detail. There are some really naff suggestions like “She’s the seed, you’re the water and sun” (puke) and some more reliable stuff like how a guy needs to be her mentor and team-mate when needed and be able to celebrate with her when she succeeds.

The ‘dating game,’ according to Hudson, comes in three ‘layers’: First is ‘The Obsession Story’ (relevant to her and what makes her obsess about you and as discussed in four Stages, namely Impression, Inspection, Intimacy and In Love). The second is ‘The Investment Ladder’ (which is all about the ‘social dynamics’ of love and commitment).

The third layer is known as ‘The Checkpoints’ (the various points of contact between the two of you, from your first meeting all the way to her regarding you as her boyfriend). All of this is acknowledged as comprising the “minefield” of dating. No kidding! With 23 sessions which he presents over 2 days in his seminar, one can say this about ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ is this: jeez, it sure is a lot of work to get a girlfriend!

The ‘Superpowers’ course contains 28 techniques brought to members by Christian. It’s boast: “If you’re looking for the “motherload,” you’ve found it here.” The first ‘sub-course’ is for the first month and is titled ‘Acceleration’ with the slogan: “Faster love. Faster sex. Faster fun.” It starts with the ‘Five Promises Technique’ including being consistent in your commitments (which builds trust, of course).

He then talks of the ‘Physical Escalation Ladder’ which fits in well with ‘How To Break Out of the Friend Zone’. There’s also a game that can be played by comparing hand sizes with her, which, frankly, didn’t really do it for me, but might work for some guys.

Except the “motherload” promised is not all it’s cracked up to be. The downer is that the subsequent six months of ‘Superpowers’ mean an upgrade of no less than $697. Thing is I just couldn’t work out if that was $697 for all six months or $697 per month for six months. Christ, I can only hope it’s the former!


The free ‘Bonuses’ section is quite impressive – and he doesn’t skimp on what’s freely available. For example, ‘The Art of Seduction’ comes in at over an hour worth of Christian lounging on a settee in what looks to be like a penthouse suite chatting to the camera. ‘Lustworthy Sex’ has a more chilled out Christian, baseball cap and blue jeans this time, but also at over an hour of discussion about all things sexuality.

Other clips freely available in the ‘Bonuses’ section include titles as diverse as ‘When You Feel Like You’r Not Good Enough’ to ‘Friends to Lovers’ and ‘Sexual Texting,’ as well as ‘Assertive Approaching’ and even ‘The Social Matrix’. To say that there’s a lot on offer here is beyond stating the obvious. No less than 18 different video clips and PDF downloads are available in this bonuses section.

The letdown is that The Social Man also has a shit storm of very (very) expensive upsells. ‘Chemistry Camp’ will set you back $297, whilst ‘Fearless’ also comes in at a slightly fearful $297, as does ‘Lust’. ‘How2TxtHer’ comes in cheaper at $97, which is the same (bargain?) price for which you can get ‘Ignition: Zero to Hero’. Here are just some of the not-so-cheap upsell bonuses on The Social Man:

That's a lot of upsells, Mr Hudson!
That’s a lot of upsells, Mr Hudson!

And how does it look and feel?

The Social Man has a typical blog-like aesthetic and layout to it, but it’s not a poor-liking site. For one thing, it seems like quite a lot of work and thought has gone into the various icons that represent different offerings on the site. They work well together and seem to have a harmoniousness that suggests an attempt at some identity and branding. For another, the site has a clean, clear look to it.

The downside is a site that doesn’t have logical navigation in terms of order of product and acquired learning. A good example is that of ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ which is the most complete product freely available to members and yet it’s not even listed first on the landing page. Nor is it the first icon in display in a member’s profile area. Very odd.

The site offers a Forums page which appeared to have over 1700 topics and thousands of discussions and replies, which gives the site an interesting ‘community’-like feel. That feature and a profile page for a member provide The Social Man with a quasi-social media look, which should be appealing to the Instagram Generation.

What’s To Like About The Social Man?

  • It’s true that The Social Man has far too many upsells for its own good, but at least the material that is freely available is not only formidable in scale and scope, but also quite interesting and insightful – well, at least most of it is. This is not training that treats guys like pimply teenagers who’ve never gotten lucky or as strutting Neanderthals who beat their chest and would ideally like to drag women around by their hair in their man caves. Not at all. The Social Man treats members like adult men who are trying to score that most elusive of things – a decent girlfriend and, hopefully, a keeper. That’s no small order, and the journey a guy can take with ‘Girlfriend Activation System’ gives him a lot of tips – and perhaps even a good chance of getting what he wants. Christian Hudson deserves kudos for that.
  • Hudson is a likeable enough host and a guy who has the courage to make the training personal and based on his own journey. It’s true that he may not be the handsomest or most all-out alpha-looking guy among all dating coaches, but at least he doesn’t come across like a fratboy douchebag like some of his peers do. Hudson doesn’t have the charisma of Michael Fiore or the in-your-face Alpha maleness of a guy like Hypnotica, but at least he’s believable enough – and with so many hours of him talking to the or being filmed presenting his seminar, that’s a good thing.
  • The visual training is mostly comprised of videos of Hudson presenting or talking directly to the camera. That approach could potentially be off-putting for any member to have to endure. However, Hudson may not be a scintillating public speaker but he is an engaging and ‘real’ enough guy to pull it off. Better still, at least most of the video clips look professionally shot, with good lighting and changes in angles that could only be achieved with decent editing. That’s not to say that what’s on offer would be nominated for Oscars for Best Cinematography or Best Editing, but at least it’s not beset with awful lighting and dull expositions.

What’s Not To Like About The Social Man?

  • Without a doubt, the single worst attribute of The Social Man is the absolute deluge of upsells on offer, many of them very expensive (by example, $297 for any once-off product is not cheap) and that only serve to undermine the overall positive effect of the content. I am always amazed at these dating coaches and gurus who see fit to pepper their sites with these blatantly obvious and expensive types of upsells. It’s true that the upsells on The Social Man are presented more professionally and more tastefully than most (e.g. none of those garish neon-like banners that literally scream at you and no quadruple-sized ‘Now or Never!!!’ bullshit statements), but an expensive-as-hell upsell is still an expensive-as-hell upsell. Shame on you for that, Hudson.
  • There is nothing worse than a member believing that a certain module or part of a course should be freely available, and yet it’s not. This is what happens with with the ‘Superpowers’ course, which seems to be for free yet it’s quickly evident that only the first month is free. The six months thereafter are anything but free. The cost to be further privy to these ‘superpowers’ is nothing less than $697 – and I’ll say it again: one can only hope that’s $697 for all six months. Yet I get a feeling it could be that the amount is actually per month – bloody hell, if so!
  • Whilst there is a good content on offer in The Social Man (when it’s for free, of course), it’s still contended here that the course does suffer from a lack of a congruent and consistent thesis. The Girlfriend Activation System does indeed have a ‘step-by-step’ approach, and Hudson does achieve that. However, the entire Social Man package doesn’t have a unifying cohesion. This is not helped by the fact that only the Girlfriend Activation System is free in its entirety. ‘Superpowers’ certainly isn’t, whilst some of the many modules available in the ‘Bonuses’ section free to members are interesting in their own right but don’t seem to be for a common purpose or end-goal. It’s as if Hudson felt bad about having so many fricking expensive upsells that he decided to offer as many freebie bonuses as possible, even though they lacked commonality.


It’s hard to react warmly to any dating course site that has such a proliferation of damn expensive upsells on offer, not to mention an entire product range available to members (the ‘Superpowers’ course) which only has 1 of 7 months of content freely available. Those are rip-off, pay-up-or-fuck-off techniques that can really put a member off. And hell knows I’ve bitched about that enough times before in other reviews.

However, what is freely available on The Social Man does have merit. There is thinking behind the concepts and scenarios provided, even if some of the latter can wander into naff territory. The course host, Christian Hudson, takes his subject seriously and offers an array of topics, as well as guest speakers. What is freely available is monumental in scale and it’s not all mindless, crappy fluff.

Will The Social Man make a guy more sociable and socially adept? That’s hard to tell, and the training doesn’t always stay the course on that objective. However, it’s telling that Hudson and his content are compelling enough to create goodwill in spite of all the shitty upsells on the site. How much better then The Social Man experience would have been (not to mention the final grade) had we been spared all the efforts to make us spend so much more money.

Grade: C+

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