Things You Should Know About Your Boyfriend

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Having a boyfriend is easy; understanding what goes on in his mind is not. There are a couple of things you should know about your boyfriend to take your relationship one step ahead.

We see a lot of couples breaking up because they don’t feel that out-of-the-world spark in their relationship. You can’t expect to have amazing chemistry with your boyfriend when you are not doing anything to build the bond.

Anyway, it’s never too late. We are here to take you to the brighter side of your relationship. Keep on reading to know all the tips and tricks we’ve learned throughout the years.

Things You Should Know About Your Boyfriend

The journey of learning your better half is always fun. We have included all the important details and questions in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Here is a list of things you should know about your boyfriend:

His Taste in Music

Is it possible to date someone who has an entirely different music taste? Just imagine dancing to your favorite song without your bae, because apparently, he doesn’t like pop-rock. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Believe it or not, your taste in music doesn’t have to align with your boyfriend. You both can still have an ongoing relationship, regardless of the different music tastes you have. However, you have to be considerate about what he likes to listen to. You don’t have to roll your eyes every time he asks you to play something you don’t like.

Or better yet, you both can find common ground eventually. You may even end up liking what your boyfriend likes or the other way around. When it comes to love, consideration is the key.

His Favorite Books, TV Series, Movies

His favorite books can give away a lot about his personality. While guys don’t normally prefer to read, at least when compared to women, if your boyfriend does, then you’ll know what to gift him next.

If he is not into books, see what kind of movies and TV series he likes to watch. The point here is to pay attention to the little details. You can surprise him by planning a movie night or gifting him his favorite book. There is a wide range of options for giving gifts once you know his favorite hobby.

His Birthday

We know girls are crazy about birthdays or anything with dates. They mostly remember them all perfectly. However, when it comes to your boyfriend, things have to be extra special. Extra special doesn’t always mean a grand birthday party or an extremely expensive gift. Come to think of it, what if your boyfriend doesn’t feel comfortable about the big party you are going to throw him?

To avoid such a scenario, ask him how he has celebrated his birthdays before to get a picture of his taste. You can even give him a completely different experience this year. First, you should know if he would like to celebrate his birthday with his friends or family. Once you know it all, plan his birthday accordingly.

If he is not into surprises, keep it simple by cooking him his favorite meal or going to his favorite restaurant. It is hard for girls to digest, but not everyone likes surprises, so don’t ruin it for him. Pay attention to what he likes rather than what you want him to like.

Best and Worst Memories

We all have had our share of memorable moments in life, haven’t we? While he might hesitate to tell you about those bad memories, that’s where you would love to comfort him. You can see if he opens up to you about them.

On the other hand, he would happily share his best moments with you. You can easily figure out what makes him excited once you know his best moments in life. You need to have a look at both sides of the picture to know him better.

Views on Feminism

You wouldn’t want to spend your whole life with someone who isn’t one bit into feminism. It’s downright necessary to observe his remarks whenever you both have a conversation regarding feminism. We have come across a lot of guys who have misunderstood this movement completely.

Frankly speaking, this topic will help you find out if he is the right guy for you or not. Your boyfriend should cheer for your success; your achievements should make him smile the widest.

If he is insecure to see you embracing your dream job, or if the thought of you earning more makes him jealous, then he is not your go-to guy. Don’t ignore the red flags.

things you should know about your boyfriend

His Family

We hate to break it up to you, but it’s not just you and your boyfriend living in this big world. We know it’s fun to date your favorite boy, but try not to get carried away with only yourself.

Ask about his family. Get to know his favorite family members and bond with them. His family will be more than willing to share his embarrassing childhood pictures with you. Your relationship will significantly improve if you are on good terms with his family.

Similarly, just to be careful, ask your boyfriend who he dislikes the most in his family. Make sure to keep a distance from that person. You wouldn’t want to deal with family politics, right?

His Best Friends

His best friends are equally important. If you want to be a part of his social circle, you have to make sure you get along with his best mates. You won’t just have a good time, but it will also have a positive impact on your relationship. He will get to see your happy-go-lucky side. The more easy-going you are, the more he would be head over heels for you.

You may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but you know how it is—two is a company, three is a crowd, four is a party. Get to know them first, plan a hangout, and get ready for a double date. We mean, your friends can go out with his friends, given the circumstances. Be the one connecting people; it’s always fun that way.

His Career Goals

It is quite important to know what he is aiming for in life and what he wants to do in the future. You may often find him talking to you about his career goals. If he doesn’t, make sure you have your detective glasses on; this won’t be easy!

His Idea of a Perfect Holiday

Ever thought about all those places you could take him? That dream date on the top of the hills? A long drive on a quiet, cool evening? Well, he may also have some fancy ideas in store. Add his favorite holiday spot to your check-list to give him the perfect holiday surprise.

You might also find him daydreaming about certain places he wants to go to, so what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to tell him you care about his wishes and desires!

How Good He is at Communicating

When it comes to relationships, we have a simple rule, and that is to communicate with the intention to understand. If you both have mastered the art of communication, your relationship is next to perfect. This is exactly why you need to know how good he is at communication.

Guess what? You can only figure out the answer if you are good at communicating yourself.

How can you be vocal about your thoughts? Simply talk about things that bother you; talk about things that make you happy. Talk and make him talk as well. Try to understand his point of view, but don’t start picking his words. There is nothing wrong in fighting if you guys can sort out the matter with maturity. In the end, this is what communication is all about. 

Whether He is Optimistic or Pessimistic

It is good to be with someone hopeful about the future you two will build together. However, not everyone has the same optimistic approach as you are. It is necessary to find out if your boyfriend is an optimist or a pessimist. Only then can you understand his mindset and take the correct steps to deal with the situation.

We are not telling you to dump him just because he is not an optimist. At any rate, you should be there for him. Pessimistic people often have a lot of bad experiences, so try your best to cheer him up every now and then.

His Biggest Weakness

Everyone has a weak point, including your boyfriend. He may hesitate while answering this question as guys are expected to stay strong, no matter what. This is exactly why you need to discuss sensitive topics. You should be the one helping him out through his tough phases.

However, he will only be vulnerable once he is sure he can trust you. Don’t ever joke about his weak points. Even when you are angry at him, don’t use his weakness against him.

Whether He Want Kids in the Future

This is one of the important things you should know about your boyfriend. Most girls choose to ignore this since they are way too young to think about having kids. The idea of having kids may seem funny or even awkward at first, but you can’t choose to ignore the possibility.

It’s okay if your boyfriend doesn’t want to have kids immediately, but some guys strictly follow the no-kid rule for whatsoever reasons. When you are at the early stages of a relationship, you don’t care about whether he wants kids or not. That seems like a far-fetched plan, right? It’s one of the things to include in your to-do list.

Even if he doesn’t agree, you think he will be fine with kids over time, or you can convince him how wonderful your life can get with kids. The chances are that he may or may not agree on having kids. Later, one of you would either have to compromise or part your ways. It’s better to discuss this aspect before getting emotionally attached to him. The risk is huge!

On the other hand, you should also tell your boyfriend about your stance on having kids. Believe us, the difference in opinions could be a problem here. Don’t leave this discussion for some other day that, unfortunately, may never come.

His Religious Beliefs

Religious compatibility isn’t necessary for most people. However, it may vary from person to person. If religion is your priority, you may be affected by the religious views of your boyfriend. To stay on the safe side, it is important to ask about his faith.

Before diving deep into your relationship, make sure you two are comfortable with each other’s religion. People usually take this easy, but things get complicated with time, especially with kids.

To tell you the truth, people with different religious ideologies can have a remarkable relationship together. If there is one thing we have picked from them, it’s the respect they have for each other. Whether you agree with his religious views or not, you have to learn to respect him either way.

His Debt History 

Is your boyfriend a saver or a spender? His debt history can tell you all about that. No, you won’t sound like a gold digger if you inquire about his debt history. There is nothing wrong with knowing about your boyfriend’s loans; it’s not something to be guilty about at all.

If you want to build a life together, then you have to acknowledge his financial issues. Motivate him to work hard and help him to see the greener side of the grass.


As you have seen the list of things you should know about your boyfriend, it's time to take the lead from here. It takes two to tango, after all! Also, don’t forget his favorite food. Like how the old saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” No matter how big the argument is between you two, his favorite coffee can lighten up his mood, for sure.

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