Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or have just recently started going out, you will always be learning something new about your girlfriend. Communication is key if you want to create a good relationship between you and your girlfriend. If you are confused about where to start, fret not. We have prepared for you the ultimate list of things you should know about your girlfriend. 

To help you even further, we have also added a few tips on how to better communicate with her. These tips are sure to help you learn more about your girlfriend in hopes to grow closer to her.

Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend

Get ready to take notes! Below, we have put together a list of all the important stuff you need to know about your girlfriend.

Her Life Story! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Every person holds within the story of their journey through life. You can never truly understand your girlfriend if you don’t know the journey she has taken thus far. Her journey through life has shaped her into the person she is today. She has probably gone through some good times but might have also faced some hurdles along the road.

To know and understand your girlfriend better, you need to share not only in moments of joy but also in moments of grief and suffering. Only then can you get a better glimpse of the kind of person she is, inside and outside.

Simply put, to understand her personality, as well as her approach towards life, you must have a sneak peek into her past.

Her Dreams and Aspirations

Does she have any goals and ambitions that she wishes to pursue? Knowing what your girlfriend aspires towards can help you better understand her and where she’s coming from. You can offer her your full support, cheering her on proudly as she strives to achieve her goals.

What Future She Has Envisioned with You

Do you often talk about your future with your girlfriend? In any relationship, it is important to clearly state what sort of commitment both partners are expecting from the other. You can start by asking the following questions. What does she expect from the relationship? What sort of future does she see for the two of you? This will give you a clearer picture of your relationship with her. It will also help you avoid future misunderstandings.

Her Comforts and Discomforts

Given the nature of most romantic relationships, it is very important to know what things your girlfriend is comfortable with. Respecting boundaries is vital if you want to maintain a healthy relationship.

If you notice your girlfriend is giving off some of the signs mentioned below, you may need to back up and give her some space:

  • Wincing or flinching
  • Backing or moving away from you
  • Blocking herself or crossing her arms
  • Looking away 
  • Laughing nervously
  • Talking in a higher voice than usual

If your girlfriend appears to be uncomfortable, try to ask what the source of her discomfort is. Some people become uncomfortable when their personal space is invaded. Be sure to be respectful of your girlfriend's boundaries and to ask for consent whenever initiating physical contact. Avoid doing things that will cause her discomfort.

The Little Things

Most women love it when their partner remembers the little details about them. Show your girlfriend that you care dearly about her and pay attention to the small details. It is the little things that accumulate and help create a happier relationship.

Here are a few little things that we believe need to be added to the list of things you should know about your girlfriend:

  • Most and least favorite food items
  • Shoe size
  • Favorite flower
  • How she likes her coffee
  • Favorite color
  • Allergies
  • Favorite scent 

Knowing these will help you earn a few brownie points. Plus, such information is really handy when it comes to planning surprise gifts and dates.

How You Can Help Her Manage Her Period Cramps

Women have to deal with a range of symptoms during periods, including cramps, bloating, headaches, and mood swings. For most women, it is quite a painful week. Knowing how to comfort your girlfriend during her period is one of the most important things you should know about your girlfriend.

Here are a few things you can do to help make your girlfriend feel better:

  • Make sure to stock up painkillers. Period cramps are very painful. If you keep some painkillers at hand, in case your girlfriend needs them, you’d have something to give her.
  • Make her favorite food. Blood loss and bloating can cause exhaustion. To help her out, you can prepare her favorite food for her and make sure she is hydrated.
  • Don’t blame her period for her behavior. By doing so, you might make her feel invalidated. It might frustrate or irritate your girlfriend, causing the atmosphere to become tense.
  • Prepare for a movie night. A distraction from the pain just might be the thing your girlfriend needs. So, bring out some blankets and cuddle over her favorite movies.

The Important People in Her Life

Know the people who are important to your girlfriend. She will be happy seeing you get along with her friends and family. It shows that your interest and care go deep enough to invest time and effort to get to know the people that are close to her.

Furthermore, knowing the important people in her life is an understanding way of showing that her happiness can come from various sources and not just from you.

things you should know about your girlfriend

Her Favorite Movies, TV Shows, and Music

Tv shows, movies, and music often help you see the different sides of a person. Also, it is a fun way for you to bond with your girlfriend. At the end of a tiring day, you can cuddle and watch her favorite TV shows with her. You can even plan a fun date and surprise your girlfriend by taking her to her favorite band’s concert.

How She Likes to Recharge

Whether its work or some other factor, stress can cause damage and can strain relationships. In such situations, it is best to know how your girlfriend likes to recharge. People have different ways to de-stress—some like to read or to spend time alone, while others would prefer to go out to a party. Figure out what works best for your girlfriend.

If She Has a Debt 

Talking about money may not be the best way to spend a weekend with your girlfriend, but it is a necessity if you plan on having a long-term relationship. Lying about debt may cause permanent damage to any relationship. It is best to have an honest conversation about finances to avoid stress and damage to your relationship.

Her Fears and Weaknesses

As much as you admire your girlfriend for her strengths, you also need to acknowledge that she may have some flaws too. You need to learn about her weaknesses so that you can help her overcome these issues and grow into a better person. 

It takes a lot from a person to show their vulnerabilities, so make sure you’re ready to offer her your full support. Show your girlfriend that you love her enough to accept her with all of her shortcomings.

What Her Pet Peeves Are

Everyone has a few things that they cannot stand and are easily annoyed by. Knowing your girlfriend’s pet peeves will help you avoid getting into unnecessary arguments.

You need to understand that you are two different people with different likes and dislikes. To maintain a healthy relationship, compromises need to be made on both ends.

What Makes Her Laugh

Sometimes, work and stress can make life appear dull. The best solution for such situations is humor; it can add a positive energy to any relationship. Look up some funny jokes to bring a smile to your girlfriend’s face. Laughter really can become a remedy to lighten up gloomy days.

What Makes Her Angry

Anger is one of those emotions that shows us another side of a person. It helps us learn more about a person and the things that trigger them. You can learn a lot about your girlfriend if you know the things that fuel her anger. You can also avoid conflict by being more sensitive to things that trigger your girlfriend’s anger.

If She Has Had Her Heart Broken Before

Keep an open mind and accept that there may have been other individuals in your girlfriend’s life that have influenced how she views the world today. You don’t have to completely understand everything, but you need to give her room to share her burdens.

Don’t stay stuck in the past and focus on the stage you are at with your girlfriend right now. Your relationship with her and how you feel about her matter the most.

How to Make Your Relationship Last

If you’re still uncertain about how to go about learning more about her, you’re in luck. To further assist you, we have a few tips that will help you to communicate better with your girlfriend.

Make Time to Talk

It comes as no surprise that if you want to better understand and communicate with your girlfriend, you need to talk to each other. Going to a party or watching a movie with your girlfriend are both great date ideas, but it is also important to take some time out to just talk.

Next time you meet your girlfriend, just sit and talk to her. Ask her about her day, or ask her about her friends and family. Share something from your end; tell her about your day or maybe share some news you read online. Take an interest in her life, and discover more about her.

Be Vocal

Women often complain that they don’t know what their boyfriends are thinking or how they feel. Be more vocal about what you think and feel. If you’re clear about your thoughts and emotions, you can avoid fostering unnecessary doubts in your relationship. 

Don’t walk around on eggshells. Instead, allow both yourself and your girlfriend to be more open with your emotions. This promotes a more honest and transparent relationship.

Be Attentive and Use Actions

Not all communication is done verbally. Show your girlfriend that you care about her. Be more attentive to her behavior, and notice the small details about her. Get your girlfriend her favorite cup of coffee, or maybe simply cook her favorite meal for her.

Show her through your actions that you care and do take notice of all the little details. Let her know how special she is for you.

Communicate Face to Face

Communication via text may be more convenient, but it isn’t the best option when it comes to communicating in a relationship. Texts can often cause misunderstandings, which could be avoided if you communicated face to face. 

In-person communication allows you to study the body language of your girlfriend, which further helps you understand what she is trying to communicate to you. Audio or video calls are better options for long-distance relationships since you can at least pick up tonal and facial expressions.

Practice Active Listening

You need to pay attention to what your girlfriend is saying. Be sure to focus completely on what she has to say, and don’t just absently nod your head at everything.

While listening, make eye contact, pay attention, and try to repeat what you’ve heard. Not only is it extremely rude to be distracted by something else instead of actively listening to your girlfriend, but it may also cause misunderstandings.

Final Words

One thing to keep in mind is that the sincerity and effort you put into a relationship are key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Discover more new things about your girlfriend and show her how much she means to you.

We hope you are now equipped with the right information about all the things you should know about your girlfriend. Use our tips to help your relationship with your girlfriend flourish.

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