Tripp Advice Review – An Annoying, So-So Trip

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Tripp Advice logo

Tripp Advice is one of those dating courses without a central thesis or that is structured in such a way that a member advances from one module or section to the next. Instead, what it offers is a series of different courses all geared (presumably) to give a guy more insight into women and, hopefully, more success in how to get himself a hot girl and maybe even a girlfriend. Even on that Tripp Advice is not clear.

Please note that Tripp Advice appears to offer eight different training modules to members on its landing page, yet only four were made available to us as members for this review. That is even after requests were made to have full access as members. Therefore, only these four modules to which we had access will be reviewed. And it’s not like the other four being denied to us as members went unnoticed…

It could be argued that a dating course that doesn’t have a central thesis or central, core course runs the risk of being too haphazard or unfocused. That is always a danger, of course.

A lack of direction or focus can get wearying. But the point of any review is to assess what is on offer, as objectively and truthfully as possible. That is what will be presented here in this Tripp Advice review – most sincerely indeed.

Tripp Advice Review



Our Rating:



  • NO


It cannot be denied – a training course that makes it such a bitch of an inconvenience just to get any access, and then still denies access to half of what should be on offer is off to a bad, bad start! Tripp Advice does itself no favours in that department, and it frankly deserves to get lambasted as such.

Surely one of the most basic fundamentals of any online course is that access should be easy and comprehensive once membership is provided?

And how is what’s actually on offer, limited as it is? ‘What Women Want’ has 10 video clips of babes being interviewed and has some insight into what women (or, at least, babes) want when dating.

‘The Date Machine’ offers a lot but too often feels more like a grind than inspirational. ‘Infield Breakdown’ has some interesting ‘in-the-field’ videos of interacting tips with women, although it’s telling that it’s a young professional actor that is at large and not Tripp.

The fourth course is mostly tiresome tat.

Tripp Advice is a hodge-podge of offerings. Which mean that, yes, its lack of a unified focus or single course construct is distracting and, ultimately, a letdown.

It is sporadically interesting, some of it even very good, but too much of the content is a case of ‘been there, done that’ for anyone familiar with online dating courses. Tripp Advice is mostly low key and, to be honest, underwhelming.

What's to like:

  • "What Women Want" Interviews
  • In-the-field Videos

What's not to like:

  • Access system for members sucks big time
  • thumbs-o-down
    Unconvincing Coach
  • Majority of the content is quite "meh"

Price: $40+

The Lowdown…

A guy called Tripp goes out of his way to give a hearty welcome to members. Well, I assume it’s Tripp as he never actually introduces himself as such, although here’s a screenshot of the guy – not exactly the manliest or most Alpha Male-looking dating coach out there, you might be thinking…:

Tripp the Man, your dating guru...

Tripp then spends over half of the welcome telling members that they don’t have access to all courses but, should they wish to have (and who wouldn’t, right?), then all a member needs to do is e-mail them and they’ll grant access. Why all the palaver just to get simple access to what’s on offer?

Well, we did just that, Trippy, after all 8 of the courses were denied to us. We were eventually informed that all should be available to us. Hmmmm, not so. Only half (four) of the 8 courses were eventually available to us, so fuck knows what one needs to do as a member to get full access to all 8. Perform virtual blowjobs, maybe? Who knows. Nothing like this to greet when you think you’re a member of a site:

A Nice Fuck You To Members From Tripp Advice...

So, one commences one’s (limited) access to the site’s offerings already quite peeved. Not a good way to create goodwill in members, Tripp. First up is ‘What Women Want’. Ten women are interviewed about what they want in a guy.

There’s Aja the ‘Youtube Star,’ who likes sporty outings for a date and Jezlan  the ‘International Model,’ who wants dates to be cool and exciting.

Sarah and Hannah are both models and they don’t demand too much on their first dates – at least that! Models abound in the video clips, with opinions by Chanel the ‘Porn Starlet’ and Caitlin the ‘Playboy Model,’ not to mention Annette the ‘Fitness Model’.

There’s also Chelsea, who’s cute enough, but is dubbed the ‘Hottest Girl in America’. Says who? She’s not even the hottest girl among the ten interviewed here.

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They’re asked questions like ‘What kind of dates would you like to go on?’ and ‘How would you like to be approached at a bar?’ and give their own, quite candid take on each. And they’re all very ‘typical’ ladies, the very embodiment of what the average guy in America is going to be dating – Playboy and fitness models and the like, you know. Why the obsession with only tits and ass being asked their views?

The video clips with these ladies do offer some insight into what women want and what they’re looking for on dates, with guys and their personality traits, what turns them on in a guy, etc.

So, there is some worth in the clips. And, yeah, all of them are babes, so some guys will enjoy that in and of itself. Eye candy though the ladies may have been, it was the logo for the course that really catches the eye:

The What Women Want logo...thoughts on that 'W' in red...??

‘The Date Machine’ is up next and is divided into ten modules plus a bonus module. It starts with ‘The 8 C’s of Attraction’ and which include confidence, class, clothing, charm and conversation. It’s 53 minutes in length and does offer some interesting ideas about what it means to be men and what women are looking for.

‘Eliminating Approach Anxiety’ has some interesting concepts, including how to tackle anxiety. It will help some guys who are all too familiar with freaking out about approaching girls.

‘Self-Branding’ is a clever concept for a dating course, and gives guys some credible and interesting ideas about how to build their own ‘stories’ and realities that will be more appealing to women. The ‘Body Language’ and ‘Flirting and Seduction’ modules have been done to death (and more interestingly too) elsewhere, to be honest.

‘Touching and Building Desire,’ on the other hand, does touch (I know, bad pun) on some valid and even crucial elements about what the ‘rules’ of touching are and offers some ‘touching maneuvers’ that could be helpful to clueless guys.​

‘Asking Her Out and Getting The Date’ is a helluva schpiel at over an hour of tips and recommendations. Frankly, it’s overkill and overdone, and tiresome.

By the time you get to module 10 and ‘The First Date’ (and you haven’t died of exhaustion trawling through all that other info) you should be ready to tackle your first time out. Tripp must be a ‘touchy-feely’ kinda guy because he gets into touching and feeling all over again.

 It’s clearly important to him, although I’m not sure guys always get that many opportunities to get all touchy on a first date…?

‘Infield Breakdown’ offers a series of seven different filmed scenarios ‘in the field’ so to speak. There’s ‘Approaching A Group of Girls At A Market’ in which someone (clearly not Tripp, to be honest)  gets chatty with a trio of girls, whilst Tripp gives advice and pointers in voiceover. Videos like ‘Creating Emotions with a Girl At the Beach’ and ‘Flirting With A Girl Who Is With Her Friend’ are along the same lines.

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Interestingly, there’s also clips of certain ‘tricks’ being put to the test, for example where ‘transitions’ are used to create a connection with a girl or (quite nifty indeed) is the clip showing you how to create a ‘we bubble’ with a woman. The only thing is: why is it not Tripp doing the hard work and convincing us in the video clips?

To be very honest, the guy in the clips looked and acted distinctly like an actor. That may not be an issue for some guys, but for this reviewer it did seem a bit odd.

‘Rapid Sexual Escalation’ is just Tripp interviewing some guy called John Sinn (Sin? Cynn?) and the two ramble away on their thoughts and musings about sex and what makes ‘works’ and what doesn’t. It’s only available as an MP3 that drones on and one and is as dull as ditch water.

There’s also a bonus ’11 Steps From Kiss To Sex’. It’s a step-by-step all the way to The Main Event, so some guys may get cool tips on how to ‘go all the way’ as we used to say in high school…


Tripp Advice is quite simple – you get the basics, and no more. Well, in reality you get half the ‘basics’ and no more. There certainly seem to be no extra bonus modules or other bonus materials that are freely available – nowhere that could be clicked as such on the site. There are also no member forums, no chatrooms or Q&As with members, etc.

For that, the site has a rather barren look about it.

There are no crappy upsells immediately available to as clickbait on the site. Or maybe the four courses to which on continued not to have access are exactly those expensive ‘upsells’?? Who knows. The way the site is configured, not to mention the epic drama one has to go through just to get access to a few courses, it’s anyone’s guess how paid bonuses might work on Tripp Advice – if at all.

And how does it look and feel?

Tripp Advice looks as basic an online course site as possible. It’s not the ugliest or most visually unappealing such site one comes across, but it’s far from visually compelling or beautifully rendered.

Navigating the site becomes an uneasy process due to the constant ‘Oops, looks like you don’t have access to this course’ bullshit, although there are no dead links or links to aggravating and expensive upsells.

The PDFs on offer are limited and as basic-looking, even amateurish, as possible. The audio on some of the MP3s is not the best, being sometimes muffled. The video clips in the ‘Infield Breakdown’ course are all outdoors, well-lit and quite well shot. But there’s nothing of discernible note in the technical or creative domains on Tripp Advice.

What’s To Like About Tripp Advice?

  • There is good content amidst all the disjointed and unstructured offerings in Tripp Advice. Members are treated like grown-up guys who really want to get ahead with girls. Some of the concepts will make guys think. And even Tripp’s seeming obsession with ‘touching’ and ‘feeling’ has some truth and could even be useful as practical tips for guys in a real time situation. Thankfully, most of the content is not twee or the height of wishful thinking, even if a lot of it is very familiar.
  • plus
    There is a certain bravery to putting one’s ideas and recommendations into video by means of an ‘in-the-field’ practical approach. That is an approach that could bomb spectacularly. Tripp does so and, for the most part, it works. At least it shows his advice ‘put into motion,’ even if it’s not him in the actual field and even if the guy doing all the flirting with the ladies looks very much like a good looking young Amerasian actor. It was also an interesting idea to get not one or two but 10 different ladies to give their opinions on camera in the ‘What Women Want’ segment. Using women who were more ‘typical’ and less ‘babe’ might have given the whole venture more credibility and sense of ‘realness’ but the various videos and musings by the ladies was a nice touch.

What’s Not To Like About Tripp Advice?

  • Time to rip into the same theme yet again: why, oh why, is the access system for members such an absolute bitch of a thing on Tripp Advice?! Why the need to ‘request’ further permission when one is already a bloody member?? Like it’s some secret handshake needed to get into Fort Fucking Knox! It’s such a tiresome rigmarole just to get basic access to courses on Tripp Advice – and even then one is awarded access to only half of them! It’s a bad taste that never leaves one, and is only compounded by the fact that what one does have access to is not that amazing anyway.
  • Tripp is not convincing as a dating coach. There, I had to say it. It’s not because he looks like the kind of little geek who probably couldn’t get a proper date to his prom. Or because he doesn’t even take part in his own ‘in-the-field’ video clips (although that did look rather odd). It’s because he never seems to take full ownership of what he has on offer. Yeah, he talks a lot in his audio clips. And he even ‘divulges’ a bit in a radio interview with some other boring dating guru. But it seems detached and not the personal journey that other dating coaches and gurus have gone through and want to share with their members.
  • As stated above, there is some good content on offer on Tripp Advice. ‘The Date Machine’ has some very interesting, even quite unique takes on preparing for a date, getting a date, making a date work, etc. But it’s too seldom and too little of it. Most of the content on Tripp Advice is middling, with too much being readily available on other training courses, many of them not even very good in their own right, such as this okayish one and this quite crappy one. With options made so limited for members, Tripp Advice owed having more robust content that set it apart. This is compounded by the fact that there is a lack of focus or end-goal to Tripp Advice. It all seems too ad-hoc and even chaotic for its own good. This is often a complaint of dating courses and, unfortunately, it rings true for this one as well.


Tripp Advice alienates a member no end with its ludicrously Byzantine methods of allowing access to products that should anyway be readily available to said member. This reviewer cannot recall any other dating course that was this obtuse about access to courses/modules from the very get-go. It’s simply not acceptable and was a significant contributing factor to Tripp Advice’s low grade.

However, there are other contributing factors as to why Tripp Advice is, at best, a middling and rather uninspired offering. The lack of focus in the courses offered will be jarring to some members, even if others will take heart at the realistic-looking video clips and some of the admittedly good content. It’s just that there is too little that is that good in Tripp Advice that sets it apart from so many other courses.

This reviewer would have been far more forgiving of the ridiculous access issues one has to endure on Tripp Advice if there had been more to cheer. Bits and pieces of very good ideas and well-thought content do not, unfortunately, a great course make. What was needed was more focus, the idea of a journey (any journey!) of progressive learning and a sense of being part of something tangible. In all of these, Tripp Advice either fails or comes up short.

1 thought on “Tripp Advice Review – An Annoying, So-So Trip”

  1. Someone giving dating advice doesn’t have to look “alpha male” (whatever that even means).
    If you mean overly masculine and douchy, it’s better if they DON’T have that image…
    A dating advice guy should actually appear well… Like anything BUT that, being able to relate to REAL and NORMAL people!
    There’s nothing wrong with Tripp.
    If it’s the technical aspects of the program you take issue with that’s fine, but don’t be a fucking baby about it and start picking on the guy for not being a jock fuckboy or whatever type of guy you like in your ass, ok?



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