Unique Gifts for Girls in 2019: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Is your sister’s birthday coming up and you have no idea what to get her? Do you feel guilty for not gifting your best friend anything in years? Is your girlfriend angry at you and you do not know how to apologize?

Well, do not worry. We have compiled a list of some unique gifts for girls that are bound to leave you in their good books!

It is not the gift but the thought that counts.” Almost everyone has heard or read this quote which accurately describes how you do not need to leave a dent in your bank account just to make someone feel special. Sometimes one small, thoughtful gift can make all the difference. To help you out, we have also described how to purchase the perfect gift.

Unique Gifts for Girls
Comparison Chart

Fortheday Personalized Spiral Ring

Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Coffee Mug

Jinvun Antique-Like Compact Mirror

Urban Kangaroo Soap DIY Kit

Creatively Calm Studios Adult Coloring Book Set.

Unique Gifts for Girls Reviews

1. Fortheday Personalized Spiral Ring

Fortheday, a company based in California, USA, manufactures customized and personalized jewelry. These include rings, lockets, and bracelets for your loved ones. They give you the option to engrave them with two dates, names, or phrases.

Product Highlights

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your best friend or mother, this brand has produced one of the most stylish rings for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and Christmas. The Fortheday Personalized Spiral Ring is made from high-grade stainless steel, making it durable. Thus, it will last a long time and leave a lasting impression on your loved one.

This ring is also hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for everyone, even those who are sensitive to many synthetic materials. Apart from this, it has a free size; the ring’s adjustable spiral design allows one size to fit everyone.

It is also quite lightweight, about 4.9 grams, and has a width of 12 millimeters. If this was not enough, you can buy this ring in three colors which are silver, gold, and rose gold.

Coming to the best part, Fortheday gives you the option to customize the ring completely. Not only can you get two names engraved on the spiral ring, but you can also add two simulated birthstones of your choice. Additionally, the brand uses high-quality cubic zirconia for the gems which are available for each month of the year.

The Fortheday Personalized Spiral Ring also comes with a polishing cloth in a jewelry gift box along with a two-year warranty for stones and a 30-day free replacement offer. Along with this, the brand offers reliable customer service all week long.

The Good

This ring is perfect for girls for all sorts of occasions. Since it has an adjustable and durable design, you do not have to worry about the fitting and possible tarnishing. Furthermore, you can add a lot of value to the simple ring by customizing it for your mother, sister, best friend, or girlfriend.

The Bad

With its tough built, customers have found the ring to be hard to adjust. The stainless steel makes it difficult for you to mold it to your finger. Its width also makes it unsuitable for stacking, making it difficult to bend your finger.


  • check
    Free size
  • check
    Beautiful colors
  • check
    Customized with names and stones
  • check
  • check


  • Hard to adjust the size
  • Not suitable for stacking

2. Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Coffee Mug

Koolkatkoo is a Chinese brand that specializes in the manufacture of kitchen and household containers and utensils. These include brushes, pots, coasters, ashtrays, and vases. This cute coffee mug is one of their top products.

Product Highlights

If your friend is a huge cat lover, then the Koolkatkoo Cute Cat Coffee Mug will call out to her. If she is an avid tea or coffee fan, you need to purchase this cute coffee mug right now. It comes in two neutral colors, black and white, and holds 16 ounces of all sorts of beverages.

Since Koolkatkoo has used high-quality ceramic, it is sturdy, dishwasher-proof, and microwave-safe. It even comes with a comfortable handle so that you can enjoy your drink without worrying over spilling it.

If this was not enough, this mug has been designed to make your life more convenient. The lid of this mug acts like a phone bracket with a cute ceramic kitten and lid ears acting as a support for it. Now, you can go hands-free and catch up on the news or a new episode from your favorite series while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

The Good

We love the fact that the Koolkatkoo coffee mug comes with a lovely cat body and lid design. Another great thing is that the mug is convenient, durable, and dishwasher-friendly, making it suitable not just for those who love cats and sipping their coffee or tea in the morning, but also for busy individuals.

The Bad

The only drawback to this mug is that its packaging is not safe enough. Some users complained that the lid arrived broken and they had to go through the hassle of returning it.


  • check
    Lid acts as a phone bracket
  • check
    Cute design
  • check
    Large capacity
  • check


  • The packaging was not safe enough

3. Jinvun Antique-Like Compact Mirror

Based in Xinjiang, China, Jinvun is an online store that offers amazing products at a discounted price. They provide fast and high-quality service to provide you with the best vintage-style makeup, compact, and pocket mirrors.

Product Highlights

Looking for a unique and beautiful gift for your girlfriend? Is she is a fan of makeup, or does she check up on her makeup often?

If yes, then this vintage compact mirror is the answer to all your problems. Instead of wasting battery and using the phone as a mirror, she can just flip out the mirror and freshen up.

The Jinvun Antique-Like Compact Mirror has a shield shape and measures about 3.7 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches, making it small enough to fit in her makeup bag. Apart from this, it is constructed from high-end metals, weighing about 6.4 ounces, and has a retro royal card design.

You can buy it in gold and silver colors, as well as in two different designs which are perfect for making your girlfriend feel like a princess. Moreover, this durable yet colorful compact mirror contains a mirror on both sides, resting on a sponge cushion for support.

One of them magnifies the image by two, which makes it perfect for applying makeup. The second mirror reflects images in normal size, helping her to check on her overall appearance.

The mirror has also been crafted exquisitely for increased durability and exceptional quality. Lastly, this antique-like vintage mirror comes with a beige-colored elegant jewelry box and has a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

The Good

This beautiful compact mirror packs more value compared to its price. Its high-end production and two different mirrors make it a perfect gift for any girl. It's also great that you can keep the vintage colorful, compact mirror in your bag and use it whenever you want.

The Bad

For a travel-size product, it is a little on the heavy side. Although its elegant and detailed design may explain that.


  • check
    High-quality packaging
  • check
    Dual mirror
  • check
    Vintage design
  • check


  • Heavy

4. Urban Kangaroo Soap DIY Kit

Founded in 2015, Urban Kangaroo is based in California, USA and offers products and ingredients for multiple DIY projects. These include bath bombs, lip balms, hot sauce, lotion, and goat milk soaps.

The brand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and claims to source its ingredients locally. Also, its kits are free from animal testing and harmful chemicals.

Product Highlights

In case your sister, friend, or daughter has a creative side to her personality and loves DIY projects, Urban Kangaroo’s Soap DIY Kit can be a real winner!

The brand has incorporated only the purest handmade ingredients in their kits to give you the best DIY experience right at home. The rose-coconut-goat-milk soap is not only fun to make, but it is also nourishing for your skin.

Urban Kangaroo provides enough ingredients to make six soaps. These include pre-cut goat milk soaps, coconut fragrance oil, shredded coconut, English rose fragrance oil, rose-shaped silicone mold, red food coloring, pipette, and a set of easy-to-understand instructions. Hence, you can make beautiful rose-shaped soaps for yourself or as a gift to others.

All the contents are natural and free from fillers, sulfates, parabens, and petrochemicals. The instructions provided are step-by-step. The brand also has a replacement kit in case anything goes wrong.

The Good

The great thing about this unique DIY kit is that it is not just a gift for daughters and friends. You can also spend quality time with them while following the step-by-step guide provided. The best part of this kit is its fragrance and natural ingredients that leave your skin soft and moisturized, and all the ingredients mix quite well and melt easily.

The Bad

Even though the Urban Kangaroo Soap DIY Kit is unique in all aspects, some of you may want the kit to be a little larger to match its price.


  • check
    Natural ingredients
  • check
    Cute rose-shaped mold
  • check
    Easy-to-understand instructions
  • check
    Skin nourishing


  • Slightly expensive

5. Creatively Calm Studios Adult Coloring Book Set

Founded in 2016 in the USA, Creatively Calm Studios offers adult coloring books for therapeutic purposes. This stress-relieving idea was born while one of the founding partners was traveling through South East Asia, especially Thailand and Cambodia. The patterns have been designed by some of the best designers from five continents.

Product Highlights

Some people say that concentrating on coloring various patterns helps relieve oneself from stress. If your girlfriend, sister, mother, or daughter has been too busy with her schedule, then gifting them these coloring books will be the perfect way for de-stressing.

The brand has carefully collected patterns that can be colored by both beginners and experts. The whole package consists of three sets of coloring books based on animals, scenery, and intricate mandalas.

With over 120 patterns, you can select from a wide range of images divided into increasing levels of difficulty. You get basic, intermediate, as well as advanced designs in each book. Depending on the amount of free time you get, you can choose among the three pattern levels.

Coming to the paper quality, no one likes one which bleeds through and ruins the backside. Fortunately, Creatively Calm Studios only uses the thickest papers for each page in their coloring book. Thus, they do not bleed and are perfect for use with markers, gel pens, or watercolors.

The books have a dimension of 8.5x8.5x1 inches and contain pictures on both sides of the page. Apart from all this, you get free images every week for one year after the purchase of one set of coloring books. You can also get access to the brand’s club where artists showcase to earn prizes.

The Good

If you are looking for a way to help your friend de-stress, then you have picked the right gift for her. This adult coloring book contains a large number of unique patterns that have been specially designed to relieve stress. Additionally, the brand has thoughtfully categorized the images in levels of difficulty to help you choose one according to your free time.

The Bad

Even though the coloring books have many positive features, it also contains a few drawbacks. To start with, the picture can be misleading as the book is small in size.

Since it is an expensive gift, the size of the books should have been larger. Apart from that, the brand printed on both sides of the page. That makes it difficult to use both patterns and laminate an image.


  • check
    Wide variety of unique patterns
  • check
    Different levels of difficulty
  • check
    Free images every week
  • check
    Stress-relieving designs


  • Pictures on both side
  • Expensive
  • Small size

Buyers Guide

Since everyone has a unique personality, one particular gift might not be suitable for the rest. When it comes to purchasing a present for a friend, mother, or girlfriend, it can be hard to choose a unique gift that will speak out your love for them. Therefore, we will discuss some of the essential things to consider when planning to buy the perfect gift.

1. Budget

The budget is the first thing to consider before purchasing a gift. You need to first keep a set range for yourself without overdoing it.

As mentioned before, the quality and the thought put into the present matter more than the monetary value. Your main aim should not be purchasing something costly or something sub-par.

Setting a budget helps to narrow down the ideas of your gif because you can start looking for something that matches your budget range. It is vital that you do not over-do a gift and end up spending much more than you can afford to please the other person. Instead, there is a high chance that you might get your friend angry.

If you do not want to get just one gift, you can always buy multiple small, thoughtful things that add up to your set budget. Girls go crazy over effort much more than just picking something off the rack.

2. Interests

It is completely useless to spend money on a gift that the person does not even like. What is the point of getting someone an apron when she barely cooks? What about stuffed toys? Contrary to popular belief, not every girl likes them.

You must focus on brainstorming ideas and making a list of things that she might like. It is always a great plan to start thinking about the gift from way before.

Whatever the case, it is vital that you focus on their interests and not what you like. It might sound funny, but people do end up buying presents that they like instead of thinking from their friend’s perspective.

Thus, you should try concentrating on your recent conversations with her to find what she has been rambling about. Has she been talking about a new makeup palette or is she interested in a new album from her favorite band?

In addition to this, you can always keep notice if she has dropped any hints about something she wants. Girls actually love to do that.

3. Usefulness

Instead of buying something that will end up being used once or just sitting on the rack, think of presents that she can use over and over again. A quick way to go about this is to ask yourself if you will use it again. If yes, then it is probably going to be useful for her too.

Apart from this, you can always try thinking about what she needs. Even though jewelry might be endearing, maybe she needs a pair of shoes more. Again, you have to open up ears and eyes, do some stalking, and then finalize a gift.

4. Quality

What is the point of buying something that will break down in a little time? Do you want to purchase something that will last only a week? No, right

Therefore, you must make sure to buy something durable enough to last a long time. No need to purchase a badly constructed object that will break apart in your hands. Instead of buying a low-quality expensive object, try finding a high-quality smaller gift, whether or not it's expensive.

5. Event

Although it is not a significant factor, you should buy a gift according to the event. If it is Valentine’s Day, you have to keep up with the theme and definitely get her those roses or chocolates.

Similarly, if you are getting your mother a gift for Mother’s Day, you should try looking for something personalized that shows your love for her. Either way, you must add some sentiments to your gift depending on the event.

FAQs on Purchasing Unique Gifts for Her

1. Do Expensive Gifts Show That You Love Them More?

Gifts are meant to show love through effort and thoughtfulness, not through their monetary value. If the girl only loves expensive gifts and does not appreciate all your efforts, she may be very oriented. It is important to keep a budget range for gifts beforehand to avoid a lot of trouble.

2. What do You Gift a Hospitalized Friend?

Since your friend is recovering and going through a rough period, you must show them that they are not alone. You can look into get-well gifts, like cards, balloons, and flowers.

Along with those, try looking for things that are going to help them recover and gain back their strength. You just need to brainstorm ideas that will remind her that she is strong.

3. I Have to Ask Out a Girl to Prom. What Should I Get Her?

The safest bet is to get them something cute and small. You should go for her favorite flowers, chocolates, or maybe a small stuffed toy.

You might have to ask around her favorite things beforehand to make it more meaningful. Apart from this, you can always get her a little jewelry, but nothing extra.

4. My Girlfriend Got Me an Expensive Watch for My Birthday. What Should I Get Her for Her Birthday?

Even if your girlfriend bought you an expensive gift, it is not necessary to do the same. If you cannot afford to spend too much, there is no reason for you to do it just for the sake of returning the same favor. Instead, you should discuss a budget range with her beforehand.

Simply put, you don't necessarily have to gift back with the same price tag. A good gift that matches her interests is meaningful and can cost less or more.

5. What Presents Do Girls Like for Christmas?

Buy something useful for girls that match their interests. Do not randomly pick up something like socks just for the sake of finishing your shopping. Try making a list of things that she likes before you shop.


Gifts are a means of showing your love to others. If you think that it is easy to purchase unique gifts for girls, then you might have been doing it wrong for years. Best gifts are those that incorporate effort and thoughtfulness to find the unique ones suiting your sister’s, mother’s, or girlfriend’s personality.

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