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What Kind of Girls Do I Attract: The Magic Six - Date And Simple

What Kind of Girls Do I Attract: The Magic Six

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When you ask the question “What kind of girls do I attract?”, the answer will usually be based on the kind of man that you are. Meaning, it is based on what qualities you possess.

What Qualities of Men Are Women Attracted To?

Most men in this world have been raised and made to believe that they should always appear cool, detached, and unemotional or they would be labeled as weak. Having this kind of mindset, though, can prove to be detrimental when it comes to attracting girls as having a facade like this can make you seem insincere and not a genuine person. Women can smell men like this from a mile away and be utterly revolted.

The number one trait that is just damn attractive and irresistible to any woman is confidence. Confidence is the first thing on a girl’s list of qualities when looking for a mate. A sense of humor is also on the list, as well as other things such as kindness and loyalty. Though there is no way to know precisely what it is that women like or look for, those are just some of the characteristics that almost all women value in a man.

What Kind of Girls Do I Attract?

Assuming you have the majority of characteristics that women are attracted to, here are the kinds of girls you might attract:

1. The No Makeup Lass

Most women often think that when they wear more makeup, the more attractive they appear. However, many men now want a woman who chooses to show her real beauty. This means that she prefers not to or at least wear some face powder, lipstick, eyeliner, and the like, as well as not put fake lashes.

In fact, many experts now predict that most makeup manufacturers will soon go bankrupt due to the preference of men. Luckily, because of your innate charm and charisma, girls who love to flaunt their natural beauty will be competing to get ahold of you.

2. The Caring Woman

Men love to be with a woman who truly knows how to take care of them—someone who actually gives a damn about what they do. You are in luck because these are the types of women that would want to be in your arms.

There is actually a very thin line between caring a lot and being clingy, but this kind of woman will make you feel that you matter and that they value your thoughts and actions. Believe it or not, girls like this are a catch and if you ever manage to get a hold of one, don’t let go.

3. The Chill Gal

Nobody wants a control freak, men especially. While it is true that men can be very picky, this is actually an obvious one. Nobody really would want to pick a control freak, right? Of course, everybody would want to stay clear from her.

Lucky for you, the complete opposite of the control freak, aka the chill girl has got just the right amount of hots for you to get the fire sizzling. What’s nice about the chill girl is that she isn’t the type who loves taking control of everything and driving you crazy.

She is both a giver and a taker. Nothing more, nothing less; just the perfect mix.

4. The Mysterious Girl

Ever heard of the old term, tall, dark, and handsome? Add mysterious to that mix, and you have a bloke that all the girls in town swoon to and can’t resist stealing glances at each time.

What if we genderbend every characteristic of that trope, minus the tall, dark, and handsome parts? What you might find is a girl who is so intriguing that you would lose count of the guys who glance their way towards her.

Anything mysterious is always attractive, whether it be male or female. We are referring to the girl who can convey a message just through smiling demurely or saying only a handful of words.

These girls have the word “mystery” printed all over them. Usually, these types of girls are the ones who get chased, but you might find in your case that they are the ones who can’t seem to figure you out and will seek you.

5. The Athlete

If you’re into sports, then you are in luck. This kind of girl level ups the no makeup look into the sporty look. That doesn’t mean that they are adopting a nude look just to look sporty but rather because they actually are athletic!

This girl is not the type of person to be content by simply cheering on when watching a sports event or game but she will actually want to be part of the action by learning to play the game, or she might actually already know how to play. Heck, she might even beat you in a one-on-one match of basketball, tennis, volleyball, or whatever competitive sport if you challenge her. If you think you can handle her, then you’re about to get the time of your life.

6. The Smart Lady

In terms of physicality, this girl is the complete opposite of the sporty or athletic girl. Now that doesn’t mean that she can’t be athletic in any way, or that she can’t kick your ass if she wanted to, it’s just that she is known more like the kind of girl that always has an opinion on things.

She’s not really afraid to make her thoughts known and stand out from the crowd because of this. She’s often thought of as a total know-it-all and a little conceited, but you’ll be surprised to know that she isn’t.

She is smart because she knows exactly when to talk and when to shut up. Her intelligence comes out naturally through who she is, and she doesn’t have to prove how smart she is because she is already comfortable in her own skin all the time. She’s extremely hard to resist, but you’ll soon find out that she finds you extremely hard to resist as well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the list that we’ve compiled, once you become a version of yourself that radiates and oozes confidence, intelligence, and sexiness, the question you should be asking shouldn’t be “What kind of girls do I attract?”, but rather “How do I attract and keep these girls?”

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