Why Does My Boyfriend Hate Me?

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Do you feel there is an increasing amount of resentment in your boyfriend’s heart for you? That too, for no reason at all? Well, falling in love is as easy as falling out of love.

Once you feel that he is no longer drawn towards you, it leaves you with a bunch of questions. Why does my boyfriend hate me? What did I do that is making him move away?

We may have a solution for you. Keep reading ahead to find answers that will help you in nurturing your relationship.

No relationship is ever perfect. It might start as rainbows and cupcakes for everyone. But always remember that there are dips and struggles that even every Instagram-perfect couple has to go through.

1. Lack of Kindness

The real test of a healthy relationship is the adversary. It’s very easy to be with someone during the good times. How you come through and handle things during hardship measures the amount of love you hold for your partner.

Similarly, if you feel that your boyfriend has been having a tough time at work or with some personal issues like family, friends, and the like, then be considerate about it.

Be kind. Lend him an ear. Listen closely to what he has to say.

You might not have solutions to offer, but most people just need someone to hear them out, which solves half of their problems.

2. The Two-Ts: Transparency and Trust

The Two-Ts’ are extremely essential for a strong foundation of any relationship. This means that once everything is transparent between you and your boyfriend, there will be trust.

A lot of breakups and relationship chaos often surrounds the issue of sharing a password. Social media accounts are each person’s private space, which is why sharing passwords is an individual’s call. However, you should always remember to be honest to your relationship and your boyfriend if you are not willing to share the password.

Even if passwords have been shared, you should have enough trust to not lurk into your boyfriend’s account without his permission. Don’t go around liking pictures from his account or even worse, blocking girls with whom he shares an extremely platonic friendship.

3. Social Compatibility

We don’t want to sound blunt or rude, but nobody really wants to be with a loser. If you have been lacking in your career growth because of your laziness, then I’m sorry sweetie, even your parents would not like that.

For instance, at the start of your relationship, you showed extreme interest in your degree. This may be the reason why your boyfriend was drawn towards you previously.

This is because some men tend to be sapiosexual, which means that intelligence attracts them more than confidence or looks. Now, if suddenly, you are going to stop pursuing the degree for no valid reason, then obviously it will put him off.

Put in efforts. Sometimes you have to do things for others. This time, it’s the love of your life. Get that degree. Go for that job.

4. Lack of Interest

Now that you guys have finally hit it off, should you stop doing the things you did before? Absolutely no. Show interest in the plans he makes.

Don’t make up an excuse for a dinner date every time because when you wake up the next morning, you will ask yourself questions like “Why does my boyfriend hate me?

If he wants to start a new TV show with you, give it a try. He got tickets for a musical on the weekend, make time for it. Make him feel like a priority. Give him the importance he deserves as your lover.

5. Not Talking About the Future

Many people need reassurances. Make him fully aware of your future career prospects, so he knows what he has to support you with. Tell him about your family, share your childhood experiences with him so that he feels more intimate.

This will also help you both in getting comfortable talking about marriage. Maybe he wants something else out of this relationship, so probably the commitment is driving him away from you.

6. It’s Always the Little Things

As cliché as it might sound, it’s the little things, always. You can do numerous things that will bring a smile on his face and make his day even better.

  • Drop in a text asking how his meeting went while he’s busy at work.
  • Ask him about his day at work once he reaches home.
  • Leave a message for him on the counter before you leave for work.
  • Make his favorite food if you know he’s coming home late from work.
  • Find a movie to watch together, so he knows you look forward to spending time with him.
  • Pick flowers for him (yes, even men want flowers sometimes).
  • Buy chocolate for him and attach an appreciation note to it.
  • Hug him because studies show that physical proximity can do wonders.
  • Pack lunch for him to make him feel special.

If you don’t take care of the little things, he might not notice it. But this will surely start putting your relationship with him on a backfoot.

There will be nothing to look forward to. Slowly, he will feel detached. First, from the relationship, then from you. Even before you know it, your boyfriend might just be hating on you.

7. Talking About Your Ex

This is a real no-go area. Talking about your ex will make him feel inferior. The feeling of not being enough will engulf all the love he has for you. Thus, it will leave resentment and hate.

7. Controlling Him

Do not try to control him. Always remember that nothing can make a man stay unless he doesn’t want to. If you feel insecure about him, which is why you try to control him and boss him around, then please stop.

This is toxic behavior, girl. It’s his life, and he has full authority for taking charge of it.

Final Verdict

How a person loves you is a reflection of the love you have for them. If you are honest and sincere in loving your boyfriend, then we assure you that he will pour in the same amount of love into the relationship.

Just make sure to be smart at making decisions while being sincere with your feelings. It will make your love sail through every hardship. Good luck!

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